SO much happened in your second month of life. It was what some would call an absolutely crazy life, but even more for a 2 month old. It has been a lot of fun having you around and you are a very good baby. 


How Big Are You?

What’s Your Temperament?
You are so chill and you go with the flow.  You put up with being in your carseat really well especially since we had to be on the go so much with showing the house and activities with your brother. 

What Are You Eating?
You still get up in the middle of the night to eat but not as often as you did your first month. You do get really fussy if we haven’t fed you in about 3 hours but that is to be expected. 

What Are you Sporting?
You wear 3 month clothes and still in size 1 diapers. 

How Are You Sleeping?
You sleep like a champ. You slept from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am on August 12!
You don’t take regular naps yet but sleep off and on throughout the day.

Leonie Likes + Dislikes:
– Being held and seeing people’s faces.
– Mommy. You always know where I am and smile a lot when I am around. 
– Cuddles! You love to be cuddled.

– Not being fed on schedule. 

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Léonie Quirks + Milestones:

  • MomMom spent time with us while Daddy was out of town. 
  • You really started pushing up and holding your head up really well. You have a strong little neck and even Dr. Gilley commented on that at your check up. 
  • Your brother loves to hold you. He likes to give you cuddles. 
  • We had our fist mommy and mini matching outfit day! 
  • We went to SetonFest at church and you got to see lots of people that worked with mommy. 
  • We went to the Zionsville Farmers Market. Mommy and Guyon had an ear of corn for breakfast.
  • We sold our house and went to start looking at lights and appliances for our new house. You rode in the cart like a champ. 
  • We explored several parks in the area before we had to move. Your brother loved it. You slept through most of our visits. 
  • You got baptized by Fr. John at Seton. You were dunked in the baptismal font and your Granny gasped when she saw you go under. There is a video we will have to show you someday. Your brother loves to watch this video and talk about you being baptized. 
  • Lots of family came over and celebrated your baptism and saw us for the last time before we moved. MomMom and PopPop got in the pool with your brother the day after your baptism for the last time. 
  • We started packing the house. The movers came and packed our house up for us. You were so good. You hung out and watched and slept. 
  • The movers came the next day and you were super good again. 
  • The same day the movers were there, you had your 2 month check up. It was a week early but it allowed us to get in the visit before we moved. Your brother also got a shot. You were both champs and you barely cried. 
  • We stopped to see Uncle Sam and Emma in Bloomington and Uncle Andrew in Davenport on our way to Iowa. We visited the John Deere Pavillion and a RiverBandits game while in Davenport. We also went to the Farmer’s Market. 
  • We celebrated mommy and daddy’s anniversary in Iowa We had plans to go to the Iowa State Fair but it rained and mommy didn’t really want  you out in the rain. 
  • The truck arrived at our rental house in Ankeny. We unpacked as best we could. Many things will probably stay in boxes though. 
  • MomMom and PopPop came to visit and helped us work through some of the boxes. 


How Big Are You?
Little Miss you weighed in at 9lbs and 13 oz at your 1 month appointment. This is 2.5 lbs more then you weighed when you were born and everyone was very excited that you are growing. You are 21 inches long.

What’s Your Temperament?
You are a pretty chill kid, a lot like your brother at this age. You have found your voice though and let us know when you want or need something. Most of the time you have a dirty diaper or you are hungry. You do like to be held a lot though and like to look people directly in their eyes.

What Are You Eating?
You eat about every 2 hours but we were told at your appointment to start spacing your feedings out to 2.5 to 3 hours. I don’t know that you will make it much longer than 3 hours though because you do start getting hangry around the 2.5 hour mark. In the first couple of weeks, we really had to work to get you awake by laying you on the floor because you wouldn’t wake up long enough to eat.

What Are you Sporting?
You wore Newborn clothes for about the 1st two weeks. After that we started putting you in 0-3 month clothes and now you are closer to fitting in 3 month clothes.

You started off in Newborn diapers but have transitioned to wearing Size 1 diapers. We haven’t started you in the cloth diapers since we are in the process of moving. We will try to start you in those once we move.

How Are You Sleeping?
You have been a really good sleeper. You have had a couple of nights of cluster feeding but other than that you have done great. You have even started to give me up to 4 hours at night and then another 3 hours. It has been great!

Leonie Likes + Dislikes:
– Looking at people in the face.
– Sleeping
– Eating
– Your big brother.

– Poopy or wet diapers
– Being hungry
– Sleepy but having a hard time falling asleep

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Léonie Quirks + Milestones:
– Your brother threw you a birthday party on the 17th complete with presents and cupcakes at the hospital. He had a blast and still talks about it today!
– You went for our first walk when you were 3 days old.
– You had newborn photos taken
– You got your first flowers from Granny.
– You met your Uncle Andrew, Uncle Sam and Emma.
– We went to the playground with your brother.
– You had your first bath on June 22nd.
– Granny and PooPa came to visit and play.
– MomMom and PopPop came to meet you.
– You helped take your brother to the doctor and then to have tubes put in his ears.
– You visited all of Mommy’s co-workers at Seton.
– Your first 4th of July.
– You got your first Lilly Pulitzer shift dress.
– MomMom and PopPop came to visit for a 2nd time.
– You went out for lunch to your first restaurant – Trader’s Point Creamery.
– You stayed with PopPop for the first time by yourself while Mommy, Daddy and Guyon ran errands.
– You went to Noah Grant’s for the first time.
– Daddy went away for a whole week. MomMom spent the week with us helping to take care of everyone.
– You were featured on several instagram accounts for your bows and clothing.

Lots of firsts for our first born this weekend.


We started off the weekend on Friday night by convincing him to wear underwear to bed because he is a big boy and we knew that he could do it! Sure enough, he did it and stayed dry all weekend. At just a little over 3, I am so proud of him for taking on potty training himself and accomplishing everything we ask of him.


Second, was his first college football game. We took him to the Purdue spring game on Saturday and he loved it! Ok, so he might have been more interested in the band but he still had a great time.


Third, this one was a big deal in our house, little mister tried his first oyster. He has always been around a lot of seafood since he was little but we’ve been cautious about letting him try oysters and other bivalves.

Made for a great weekend! We have a couple more fun weekends coming up., look for more in the next couple of weeks!

Traditionally, we got candy in our Easter Baskets. It was a sugar overload and normally had a sugar rush long before we went to church. As we got older, we encouraged the “Easter Bunny” to not get us so much candy and we got something else like a movie or gift card in our Easter Basket.

The last couple of years we haven’t really gotten G much candy or even edible gifts in his Easter Basket either. This year will be very similar. Here are just a few of the ideas that I have for him this year.

These markers are wonderful. G got a few of these for his birthday and it would be great for him to have a few more colors. Plus they don’t actually mark on anything but the paper.

Daniel Tiger is our go-to TV show in our house. The kid loves the show and has seen all of the episodes available on Amazon Prime Video. We can’t go wrong with coloring and Daniel Tiger.

G has been gifted a couple of other toys from Fat Brain Toys. These look intriguing, have great reviews and could be used at home or on the road while traveling.

Scissors are big time exciting in our house right now. G loves using them and can’t wait for us to say yes when he wants to cut something. This workbook is the perfect addition for him to continue gaining valuable dexterity skills.

Music is an everyday thing in our house right now. Tubas made out of pillows, air guitars, lego trumpets, maracas and more. There is a jam session every single night. This is one of those instruments that I think we can handle having around plus I think that G will learn so much more about music in a unique way.

I realize this is completely different from most Easter baskets but each activity will provide G with new experiential learning. Learning by playing is what I love to see at this age and can’t encourage him enough to keep learning.

This post contains affiliate links. We receive a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of our links, which helps to support our family. We sincerely hope these ideas give you a peak into what we choose to purchase.

Holy cow! I can’t believe we have a three year old. The last year seems like it has flown by but has been an absolute blast seeing how much you have developed over the last year. The development that happens between two and three is crazy. You vocabulary has quadrupled and the things that you show us that you know how to do blows us away every single day.

How Big Are You?

At least 35 lbs and I am not sure how tall. We don’t go in for your checkup until the 25th. I’ll try to remember to update it then.

What’s Your Temperament?

You have started to show us a little more of the threenage years but still can be one of the most chill little boys I have ever met. You love to cuddle with mom and play and do projects with dad. You are very grown up when we are out in public for the most part but have started to have a few meltdowns at home when you don’t get your way.

What Are You Eating?
Most everything but you have favorites, that is for sure. You don’t prefer mushrooms and onions (if you know they are in something). You LOVE Mac and Cheese and Applesauce.

What Are you Sporting? 

3T everything. You don’t wear pajamas to bed most of the time but you love to wear them when we spend the day at home. You love to wear sweatpants and your Thomas t-shirts. You still let mommy put you in your cute clothes but you throw more of a fit about it somedays.

You started wearing underwear in October and haven’t looked back. You still wear Pull-ups at bedtime though.

How Are You Sleeping?
You still take a nap everyday. Most days it is about two hours long. You are normally in bed by about 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm each night but you don’t always fall asleep right away. You normally sleep until about 6:15 am on the weekdays and about 7:30 am on the weekends. Sometimes we get lucky and you sleep in a little bit more on the weekends but not very often, unless you are sick.

Guyon Likes + Dislikes:

Likes – Painting (feet, hands, anything, and everything), reading books, chocolate (milk, ice cream, plain, anything!), pancakes (sprinkles and chocolate chips), watching Johnny Cash on YouTube and Daniel Tiger, cuddles with mom, projects with dad, the model train layout, his friends at school

Dislikes – Being told no, tags in shirts, wearing pajamas, sharing (sometimes), mom dropping you off at school, sitting in the corner

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:

  • We grew plants at the rental house.
  • Your favorite activity at the rental house was to watch the school buses pass by the house in the afternoon.
  • You love exploring all of the new parks and playground equipment in our area.
  • You started a new daycare and have made lots of new friends.
  • We found an indoor park that you love to visit!
  • You discovered train chasing and watching trains in the park. Daddy loves to take you to watch trains and eat White Castles.
  • You also loved watching the squirrels at the rental house and learned how to shake your tail like a squirrel.
  • You started helping mommy get dinner ready. You have learned how to stir things, dump ingredients together and all around be a huge help in the kitchen.
  • We spent Easter at MomMom and PopPop’s and Granny and PooPa came to visit.
  • You visited the Louisville Zoo for the first time during the day. You really liked seeing all of animals.
  • You love to read books! There are several on your shelf that you have memorized and can almost tell us the story.
  • We moved into our new house.
  • Your favorite toys: Wooden trains, play food and grill, and most recently LEGOs.
  • You started potty training(April), quit for a while and then all of a sudden decided that you were ready to wear underwear(October). Mom and Dad aren’t complaining because you made it easy on us and you did it all on your own.
  • You got food poisoning from chicken juice and then Mom and Dad got it too. You had your first trip to the ER.
  • You participated in your first Indy 500 trike race at daycare.
  • You learned that you love to be in the pool but it sometimes very short lived.
  • You had your first dentist appointment and you were a champ.
  • You had your first giant donut at the Zionsville Farmer’s Market.
  • Lots of people came to visit for Memorial Day weekend and we swam in the pool.
  • We learned that you LOVE projects around the house. Literally, every weekend you want a project to do with Daddy. Whether it is installing lightbulbs, hinges on kitchen cabinets, or building the railroad.
  • First trip to Holiday World with MomMom and PopPop. You loved riding the canoes and playing in the water.
  • Visited Maryland for 4th of July. This trip included a visit to Strasburg, lots of visits to the horses, a visit to the boat yard.
  • Love to be outside and play in the pool.
  • Made new friends at school and you started talking about your friends at home.
  • Building trains has become a daily occurrence.
  • Learn to shoot hoops in the driveway.
  • Visited Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for mom and dad’s anniversary. You loved the train playground, the swan boat, and you played your first game of mini golf.
  • You got to explore a firetruck at school and learn about the different parts of the truck.
  • Finger paint in the bath tub has also become a favorite.
  • Sat on Uncle Tony’s tractor before it was auctioned off at the estate auction.
  • You used the stool in the kitchen as a scanner for your grocery store cashier.
  • Went to see Uncle Andrew in Davenport for the helicopter to drop candy. PopPop really wanted you to experience this and you seem to enjoy it. You also got yourself in the bathtub at the hotel and turned the water on yourself. You still had your pajamas on when you did this.
  • You had a note in your pocket when you came home that you didn’t cry when you came to school. It took you about 6 months for this to happen.
  • Visited French Lick with Granny and PooPa and Uncle Daniel. It rained all weekend.
  • You started getting monthly haircuts.
  • Uncle Andrew came to visit. We took him to the farmer’s market and got him a chocolate donut.
  • You pooped on the potty for the first time at school in September. It was a big surprise to mommy and daddy!
  • You went to your first tailgate at a Purdue football game. You had a blast with Stella.
  • Visited Chicago for the first time. You saw the bean and the Museum of Science and Industry. It was lots of fun and you talk about the train layout and all of the trains that you saw all the time.
  • Went to school picnic and you rode in a barrel train the entire time we were there.
  • You and Mommy and Daddy visited the pumpkin patch and apple orchard. You had a lot of fun riding some of the rides and eating an apple in the orchard.
  • You woke up on October 16th and wanted to wear underwear to school. You didn’t have any accidents either while you were at school. You made potty training super easy on Mommy and Daddy. You wear them every single day but still insist on wearing Pull-Ups at night even though I really don’t think you need them anymore.
  • You were a train conductor for Halloween. Granny and PooPa came for a visit.
  • We went to visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum with Granny and PooPa. You enjoyed the visit seeing the trains and playing in the little kids’ section. You played in the water and climbed the Lilly pads.
  • Daddy and Granny took you to the indoor park for you to play.
  • You like getting your own pizza from Papa Murphy’s and building it yourself.
  • We went with Uncle Sam, Emma, Uncle Andrew, Allie, MomMom and PopPop to tailgate at a Purdue football game. It was really cold. You got to see the Boilermaker Special for the first time.
  • Visited Maryland for Thanksgiving. Visited Strasburg and you got to see Santa on the train. He gave you an ornament. You enjoyed playing in the train house and helping feed Widgeon dog. We also went to Longwood Gardens to see all of the Christmas Decorations and the outdoor train layout.
  • We went to cut down our Christmas Tree.
  • You helped daddy build the model railroad in the basement.
  • Celebrated St. Nick day. You enjoyed opening your stocking to see what all was in there.
  • We went to Gaylord Opyland in Nashville. We went to see the Ice sculptures and all of the Christmas lights throughout the hotel. You loved watching the fountain show.
  • You helped at your first Salvation Army giveaway. You were really good and didn’t get into too many of the toys. Everyone was super excited to see you.
  • We decorated pinecones with glitter and daddy got really mad because glitter ended up all over the house.
  • Celebrated daddy’s birthday and you loved the cupcakes.
  • Everyone came to visit for Christmas the weekend before Christmas. There were so many presents and it took a long time to open them all. We had lots of good food for dinner and breakfast and we all went to church together.
  • We went to Christmas Eve Mass at St. Elizabeth Seton. We had to get there really early for mommy to work and you were a champ. Little did we know you weren’t feeling well at all.
  • You woke up Christmas morning super early, not because you were excited. You were having a hard time breathing and we ended up having to give you several breathing treatments to get you to feel better. You also ran a fever that day. You favorite gifts were train stuff, legos, and you scooter.
  • We visited the Homestead with Granny, PooPa and Uncle Daniel. You loved watching Ms. Kelly and Mr. David play the piano. You painted piggy banks, decorated a gingerbread house, and cookies. On New Year’s Eve you made friends with the chefs in the Jefferson Room. You kept waving to them (aka a way to keep you busy at dinner) and they came out and gave you a chef’s hat to wear. You were the talk of the town on our way out of the restaurant.
  • You like to use your conductor radio to call the dispatcher to release the trains. (The radio was a gift from Uncle Sam and Emma for Christmas.)
  • You like to sing songs all the time.
  • You got a big boy bed and were so excited to see it when you got home from school.
  • Your new favorite food is pancakes. You love whip cream on them too. You want them almost every morning to eat for breakfast.
  • You still cry when we take you to school some mornings but Ms. Merriah keeps special jobs for you in the mornings. It helps to keep you busy.
  • We went to see Daniel Tiger Live at Purdue in Elliott Hall of Music. You were mesmerized. We couldn’t tell if you liked it or not but you wouldn’t stop talking about it afterwards.
  • “All aboard” has become your new favorite thing to yell. You put your hand up to your mouth to yell and always do it backwards.
  • You got pneumonia and spent about a week at home. You also made all of your classmates sick because we thought you were better and sent you back to school. You woke up from nap with a 103 fever.
  • You had a doughnut for Valentine’s Day and loved it. You spent the day with mommy until MomMom came to watch you while we went to see the baby.
  • First Purdue basketball game at Mackey with Uncle Sam. You told us it was too loud for you.
  • You discovered building music instruments out of your legos. Guitars, trumpets and saxophones are your favorites to build. We ended up exploring all kinds of musical instruments in books, YouTube videos and music. Your knowledge has quickly expanded and you know play the electronic guitar on everything from a pillow to the vacuum hose.
  • We read lots of presidents books for President’s Day. You only let me read a couple of them to you but it was still fun.
  • You got your valentine’s from your classmates a little late due to you having pneumonia. You enjoyed opening them and getting all of the goodies.
  • You like to put your hand on mommy’s belly to feel the baby move.
  • Painting is one of your favorite things to do. You love to get out big pieces of paper and paint almost every single week.
  • You went through a growth spurt at the end of February. For three days, you ate and slept a ton! We couldn’t keep you full and your naps at daycare were the longest you have ever taken.
  • MomMom and PopPop came to take care of you for a little while so that Mommy and Daddy could go to a work function for mommy.
  • We took really fun 3rd birthday pictures with confetti.
  • Check out what all you have missed!