It has been a while since I worked on some of these projects but I have completed a couple of things recently.

The first thing I completed was a baby blanket for a co-worker. I did enjoy making this but the fabric was very toxic. As soon as I finished all of the scraps went in the garbage.


The other project I finished was a quilt that I wanted to try to make. I had no idea how this would turn out but it was fun to make. I realized I only screwed up in one place with the colors and I even lined things up pretty well for it being my first time trying to to make a quilt of this magnitude.UntitledI also made all of the letters to go with it, so we can play a gigantic game of Scrabble. Lots of fun.

After learning to make the football blanket that I did for some friends of ours, I really wanted to find a pattern for a basketball blanket. I searched all over Pinterest thinking that I would be able to find a printable pattern. WRONG! I did find a pattern here but it was not a printable pattern. Luckily I had today off and  it has been a day full of crafts (of course after I worked out and did a couple of errands).

I started off by following along with the tutorial I find and before I cut everything up I scanned it in so I could share!

It was easy to do once I got through making the pattern. I am pretty sure I have friends in mind that once they decide to have kids I will be making many more of these.

You need about a yard to a yard and a half of each of the fabrics. I had a yard and I could have used a little bit more because the pattern didn’t complete fit on this fabric. I don’t care though because I think this turned out awesome!

Sew right sides together and then flip and sew up the hole.

Here are pictures of the final product!


Enjoy the free pattern! Print all six pages and tape together.
Full Basktball Blanket Pattern

As you read here , this was a feast day that we celebrated when I was in grade school and at home. To celebrate with all of you, St Nick left something in my stocking for all of you.

Download your copy of the Christmas tags here. They look great printed on Kraft paper. Enjoy!

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