Wedding Recap: Projects in action

The last wedding post I promise. Here are a couple of pictures taking by the photographer of some of our projects in action.


The kids table. 


M-0466Two of the biggest projects that Sean and I worked on together were the Card Box and the Table Numbers.

The surprise for my parents, IU napkins. Handmade with care.


Two things I did for the Flower girls. I talked about their bouquets and I also did the sign that they carried.

M-0081 M-0079

Wedding Recap: Flower Girl Bouquets

In the church that we got married in, if your flower girls drop flowers then you have to go back and pick them all up. I realized that this was not going to be fun for anyone so I decided that I was going to try making a ball of flowers and they would carry it by a ribbon.

Luckily for me I found several places on the internet that gave me a decent idea of what I was going to need to do. Luckily it really didn’t take me very long to do.

I started with a styrofoam ball and several large hydrangea flowers. I took each of the flowers off of the stem and inserted with hot glue into the Styrofoam. It worked pretty well.



Day #265


I can’t get enough of making our own pasta sauce. We had more tomatoes and we made some on Monday night. It was so good and we actually got it thick enough this time that I really don’t want to ever have to buy pasta sauce ever again!

We also received a wonderful wedding gift on Monday!