I was so excited to post about going home to Indiana, I have completely neglected some other great photos taken in the last month.

June was a super busy month for us. We started the month out with a couple of weddings. One in VA Beach and one in Connecticut. Both visits included lots of time with Sean’s family. It was great to introduce our little man to more of the family.

Let’s start with the one in VA Beach. First of all, we had our little man in the sand and in the water for the first time! He was a little sleepy at the time so I couldn’t really tell how interested he was in the water but he didn’t scream so that was good.


On Saturday before the wedding we visited with several members of Sean’s family and enjoyed time with them.

Then it was off to the wedding at the War Aviation Museum just south of VA Beach. It was a very interesting but beautiful wedding and we had the opportunity to walk around and look at the planes before and during the wedding. Unfortunately it was a little on the early side when we left just due to the little man starting to get tired.

This last one was as we were getting ready to leave on Sunday.

The following weekend it was off to Connecticut for a family wedding. This one was beautiful and outdoors at the family’s’ home. I didn’t take quite as many pictures at this one but no worries because the wedding photographer couldn’t get enough of our little man. I’m hoping that we will get a couple from the bride and groom but also completely understand if we don’t!
And apparently I didn’t take a family photo at this wedding! oops!

Next up in June, as we do a look back, was Guyon’s baptism!

4th of July has become a time when I take a trip home each year. I’ve come to enjoy the time and it gives me a chance to see a lot of family and friends that I don’t always get to see at the holidays. This year the trip home was extra special as I had a new family member to introduce to the gang. I think that through this collection of photos, you will quickly see how much love and laughter this little one was graced with over the 10 days that we visited. Even though there were times when naps just weren’t meant to be and sleeping and eating were all off, it was worth every second of the trip. Have a peak into our trip.

But first a photo from our first airplane ride!

Mr. Bear even made the trip!
Untitled DSC_0777DSC_0795DSC_0801DSC_0816DSC_0822DSC_0830UntitledDSC_0856DSC_0865DSC_0878DSC_0883UntitledDSC_0889DSC_0898UntitledDSC_0913DSC_0923DSC_0939UntitledUntitled

Even though this is by far one of my favorite things to do at the holidays, I haven’t had a chance to participate in about 4 years. After finding out that we had lost my grandparents, I knew that we were going to be home for the giveaway and I was so excited for this part of the trip.

The Salvation Army Christmas Giveaway was something that my aunt and her family started doing 30 + years ago. Our family started probably about 10 years ago and while I lived at home, I participated in the year round sorting of the toys for the toy shop. Then on the day of the giveaway, we were there for the whole day actually working the giveaway. Back then my job was simply to pull boxes that of toys from the warehouse that were needed in the back room before going to the tables to be given away. This year, I had the opportunity to actually work one of the tables.

The setup for the giveaway starts on the Sunday before the giveaway. We sorted through toys that had not been sorted, moved boxes to where they were needed and generally got an idea for what the giveaway would look like for this year.

Wednesday, we went back to sort more toys and set up the tables with toys on them. We got this done a lot faster then what we thought we would due to the number of people that we had helping. Friday started the giveaway, of course, after sorting more toys that had come in during the past couple of days.

Friday night there were about 200 families that came through to select toys for their children along with picking up Angel tree gifts and bags of food. Some families were even lucky enough to get a new bike for the family to share.

It is tradition to go out for pizza on Friday night after everything is wrapped up. Since it just happened to be Sean’s birthday as well, I made his cupcakes and took them with us to share with everyone. (We probably really embarrassed him, too, with everyone singing “Happy Birthday”.)

Then it was up early on Saturday morning to start the giveaway again. I think that there were about 400 families that came through that day. I worked the same table as I had the night before, 1-2 year olds. Of course they put me on that table since we are expecting! I was able to sneak a few pictures in throughout the day too.


This was the first time that Sean had ever worked the giveaway and I am glad that he was finally able to see what all happens, especially since I have talked about this a lot in the last couple of years and how much I missed being home for this event. I really do love this family tradition and miss not being there with everyone each year. It was a lot of fun to be there with the whole family this year too. Grandma and Grandpa just had to call in the troops to be there to help! 

This last picture is of my mom and aunt being interviewed on the news. Someone told them about what happened in the previous days and the news decided to do a story on the whole family. It’s just a bummer that they didn’t come on Friday night because they would have gotten my cousin and her kids in it as well. Here is a link to the story.Untitled

I hope that we will be able to go home in a few years to help again with our little one in tow.

Sean’s pick for Anniversary #3 was Charleston, South Carolina. I am not completely sure what he was thinking since we were going to be heading to a very hot place in August but I have to say even though it was hot, it was a great choice. Even though Sean had been before, we both agreed that we absolutely LOVE the city and we will be back.

We boarded the train in Wilmington around 5:30 pm on Friday night. We got a sleeper car so that we would be able to sleep since it was almost 12 hours on the train. We had dinner and then it was time to get the bed fixed up and fall asleep.
Charleston SC Anniversary 3 Charleston SC Anniversary 3Unfortunately for us, we arrived at 4:45 am in Charleston and neither one of us really slept very well on the train. By the time our cab picked us up from the station and dropped us off at the hotel, it was time for breakfast. We headed up the street from the hotel and found a great little place for breakfast. We knew that we were going to have a while before we were going to be able to check into the hotel so it was off to walk around the city for a while. We walked almost the entire point, the pier, down to the city market area and around there, and we still had more time. We sat outside of the hotel for a little while because we were both exhausted. We even met with the concierge to help get some of our reservations for dinner and tours scheduled. Right before we were getting ready to go grab some lunch, they came to get us to tell us our room was ready. That was a huge relief and it was immediately nap time. Charleston SC Anniversary 3 Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3 DSC_7390At 3pm, we had a 90 minute bus tour of the city. It was an interesting tour with a very eclectic gentleman for our tour guide. He took us all over the city and told us about a lot of the places that we had seen when we walked the city but had no idea what we were looking at earlier. I took some pictures with my phone but not with the big camera, it was a little hard to do with the big camera. The worst part though, I don’t remember everything that I took pictures of on the tour. Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3

Dinner that night was at Amen Street Oyster House. We had a free appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes(I only tasted a little bit of it.) I had shrimp and grits and of course Sean had oysters.
Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3 UntitledUpon arriving back at the hotel, there was champagne waiting for us in our room as a gift from the hotel. It was really cool and a big surprise. Charleston SC Anniversary 3
Oh and each night the hotel offered warm cookies and milk at 9pm. Sean visited every single night.
UntitledSunday we decided to walk down to the dock area. We went on a harbor tour. It was a neat tour and we got to go past a lot of the places that we had decided not to go visit. DSC_7394DSC_7395DSC_7396DSC_7401DSC_7414DSC_7417DSC_7433DSC_7437DSC_7439DSC_7443DSC_7447
Lunch was on the way back at Mac’s, which turned out to be a Big10 / Chicago Bar. It was really cool to see that type of decor in South Carolina.
Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3We tried to walk King Street, the shopping district, but it was very crowded and we didn’t really enjoy it so it was back to the hotel. Afternoon snack and walk were to the pier and Italian Ice. It was a great combination. Untitled

Nap time followed and then it was off to dinner. Slightly North of Broad of SNOB was on the menu for the night. I had Shrimp and Grits for a 2nd night in a row. The food was yummy but we decided that we liked Amen Street’s atmosphere a little bit better.
Charleston SC Anniversary 3Sean had found a place online called “The Gin Joint” and he really wanted to try it out. So after dinner drinks were there. There were very good. UntitledCharleston SC Anniversary 3UntitledCharleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3UntitledMonday it was off to see Magnolia Plantation. We decided that we wanted to try to see at least one of them and this one came recommended because there was transportation also available. We took a tour of the house and the grounds while there. It was just in time to get us back to the center of the city for lunch. DSC_7464DSC_7469DSC_7472DSC_7475DSC_7476DSC_7487DSC_7489DSC_7496DSC_7501DSC_7505Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Lunch was at Southend Brewery and Smokehouse. The pizza we had there was AH-MA-zing. BBQ and pizza go together so nicely. I also finally got my sweet tea and Sean had a brewery sampler. Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3
We went back to the room and napped again. This seemed to be a afternoon ritual we had. It also really helped to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Dinner was at Pearlz Oyster House. Sean had read many reviews about this place and really wanted to visit. We went a little earlier since they didn’t take reservations. The food was awesome! He enjoyed both his oysters and his lobster roll and my salad was crazy good.
UntitledCharleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Untitled

We walked around after dinner for a bit to walk off our large dinner and then we went to the rooftop bar at the hotel. It was a really neat view of the city.
Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3UntitledCharleston SC Anniversary 3

Tuesday was our anniversary. We decided that we were toured out by this time and that we were going to take it easy for the day. I wanted to take some pictures so we went over and walked the city market and then off to Ansonbourgh area because the doors were beautiful and that was going to be the subject of the photos. We went back to King Street and did a little shopping in a much less crowded area. I don’t remember what we had for lunch that day.

After we shopped till we dropped it was back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Dinner was at High Cotton. This restaurant was featured in the movie “The Notebook”. As we sat down at the table, we noticed that there was a card on the table for our anniversary and then the waiter came right over with champagne to celebrate. Dinner followed and it was awesome. We felt very spoiled. We had never told a restaurant before that we were celebrating our anniversary.
Charleston SC Anniversary 3Untitled
Charleston SC Anniversary 3Untitled

We didn’t go out for drinks that night but we did take a long walk down to the point. Then it was back to the hotel for cookies and milk (at least for Sean).
Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3

Wednesday we started the day a little later as we knew that it was going to be a long day. We checked out of the hotel and made our way through town to the dock. We had tickets to go to the South Carolina Aquarium. It was a little smaller than what we thought it was going to be but it was still fun. That was the first time that we had been to an aquarium together. We also witnessed a camper fall in the shark tank and get pulled up almost immediately but a employee that was watching him better than his camp chaperone.

Lunch was at a pizza place on King Street. It was super yummy. We walked around a little more before we headed back to the hotel for our cab. Our train was supposed to be there at 9pm but it didn’t make it there until about 10pm.
UntitledCharleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3On the train, it was time for sleep, breakfast and home. I dropped Sean off at work and I made my way home for the day. It was a great trip and hopefully we will make it back down to South Carolina soon. Like I said before, it really was one of our favorite places. Side note: My maternal side of the family is apparently famous in town because not only is there a street named after them but also a borough. Charleston SC Anniversary 3Charleston SC Anniversary 3

Two weekends ago we were off traveling again. I am starting to think we spend more weekends away than we actually spend at home. And currently we have no plans of stopping the travel.
While in New Jersey we had the opportunity to spend lots of time with family.

We started off by walking around a place that meant a lot to the family and a place that I had never seen before. It was a very enjoyable visit and a neat place to see.

Sunday we went to the baptism of Sean’s cousin’s son. He was born back in October when we went up to see them. He came a little sooner than expected but he is doing very well and is a very cute little guy. I love this picture of Sean’s mom with the baby. She loves being around him and playing with him. Big sister did a great job too and we enjoyed spending time with her at the petting zoo that visited her house after the baptism. She was super excited to ride the pony, Duchess. UntitledUntitledUntitledOverall it was a great weekend. A short weekend but a great weekend. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait long to hear about more weekend travels.


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