Day #362 (well actually 366)

So I have to say that when I discovered that we were going to be short a couple of pictures I was a little bummed out! I had worked so hard to make sure that we had one from each day and some how we came up four short.

I have to say that we had a huge year and one that was filled with lots of trips, lots of family and tons of love. To say that Sean and I had a great year is an under statement and one that we will not forget. To have a picture from each and every day is also pretty awesome.

To finish off the year surrounded by a large group of his family at the Homestead was great and one that we will not forget! Dinner was awesome and we even tried a few new things. Sean’s cousins were a blast to hang out with and get to know! (More of these pictures to come later! There are some good ones!)


So here is to a year not filled with planning a wedding, new experiences and hopefully lots more traveling!

Day #361

We woke up and went to watch some of Sean’s cousins ski and snowboard. We came back and did a cocktail tasting, tea time and a ballroom dancing class. We then went to get ready to celebrate Sean’s uncle’s 80th birthday with the extended family.

It was super enjoyable and we had a great time!
Untitled This was Sean learning how to float different liquors. This was a shot that had hazelnut on the bottom and something like Kailua on the top.

This was the gingerbread village that they build each year and set up in one of the lobby areas.

One of the beautiful Christmas trees.

Day #359

Work again for both us but I got off a lot earlier then what Sean did.

Packing is what took up most of our night and we have a ridiculous amount of luggage as you can see.

Dinner was a quick pasta so that we could finish doing what we needed to at a decent hour instead of waiting until the last minute.

Day #358

We went back to work today. Boo! There were not a lot of people in today at all. Once I left work I ran some errands and then came home to work on other things for this coming weekend. So much laundry!

We had our second freezer meal crock pot meal tonight. Sausage with peppers and onions.