Since Sean and I neither one lived completely on our own neither one of us owned a vacuum or a steam mop. After we moved in the house we realized that we were going to need a mop before the wedding to keep the house clean for ourselves and for anyone we have over. Plus with wood floors it feels like you can see the dirt a lot easier than if we had carpet. So we started off by borrowing an Oreck vacuum from Sean’s parents. It was older and starting to fall apart a little bit but it worked for a little while. Finally after we emptied it one day, Sean declared it done. So it was time to start the research to find the best vacuum we could at a very reasonable price.

We had to keep in mind that it needed to pick up as much as it could and be hypoallergenic if possible. Sean recently found out that he has some allergies to dust so this was important to keep him healthy.

We ended up with the Shark Navigator Lift Away.  We read many good things about this vacuum and it has lived up to everything we read and more! This thing sucks up more than I have ever seen a vacuum suck up before! I LOVE it! So much that yes Dad, I called and told Mom to go buy this as your new vacuum!

DSC_0040This section completely lifts off and the handle becomes a hose to use the different tools. This works perfect for the stairs.
DSC_0038It also woks really well on the wood floors. It has two settings, you can put the brush down for the carpet or you can leave the brush up for the hardwood floors. It is awesome!

We actually added to our Shark family when we bought the vacuum. After Thanksgiving, Walmart ran this mop on sale for a great price and we decided that it would be good to clean out wood floors with since you aren’t supposed to use a regular wet mop on them. this steam mop works great and gets all of the dirt off of the floors that we need it to.


Overall all I can’t complain about either of these products at all. I actually enjoy cleaning when I know how well these clean!


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