Double Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread
Recipe from Pinterest
Brushetta Grilled Chicken over Zoodles
Awesome recipe found on Pinterest
Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with guacamole

Zoodle Pasta with veggies
This was a dish I had at a restaurant and recreated at the house.
Zoodles with red and green peppers, red onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lemon juice and a tiny bit of oil with grilled chicken and feta cheese. OH so good!
Salmon with Peach Salsa

Eggplant Fries
Recipe from Pinterest

While pregnant, especially towards the end, I became absolutely horrible about cooking. I was just not feeling up to it and even when I did cook, it didn’t always appeal to me after it was done.

Needless to say both Sean and I are very happy that I am back to cooking and he has been a huge help in cooking lately. Give him something to grill and he is completely down for it.  Some of the recipes that we have tried lately, are definitely blog worthy. Unfortunately, the first two I didn’t take pictures of the finished product.
The first was spinach artichoke stuffed mushrooms.  We had these with steak one night and they were sooo good. Sean even took one of the leftovers for lunch one day which says a lot because he isn’t always crazy about mushrooms. Here is where I found that recipe.
The second one was pesto stuffed scallops. This we had with a side salad and they were simply amazing. We should have gotten more scallops but we had no idea that we were going to like them so much. These were also super easy to fix. Here is where I found that recipe. 

Two more. These I actually remembered to take photos but one I made up the recipe so I will have to see how much I can remember. The first was a zoodle with pesto and shrimp. This is the one without the recipe. I used a squash and zucchini with my spiral cutter to make “noodles”. I sautéed them with some onions and spinach. Topped it with pesto and shrimp. I am pretty sure my 5 week old probably hated me for this meal but it was so yummy. Sean wasn’t home for this meal and we would have had to do it much differently because he can’t have the shrimp. I thought it was fantastic and will probably try to fix it again sometime when he isn’t home.Untitled

The last one was incredible and I think this is the dish that Sean said, “Thank goodness you are cooking again.”  It was a spinach and sun-dried tomato stuffed salmon. Oh so yummy and we will probably try to make this one again in the future. It was that good. After looking at the recipe, I did change one thing though. I don’t like feta so we used what we had and used Brie. It gave it a very creamy filling.

That is all for now. There are big plans in the works for Derby week as Sean has requested we make lots of traditional southern and Derby dishes for the week leading up to Derby. And just for cuteness factor, I leave this post with this picture..

I have hit that stage in pregnancy where I am ready to get the house ready for out little one. It didn’t really hit until we got back from all of our holiday traveling and we started birth classes. In my opinion, we were starting to push it because we had done not much of anything to get the baby’s room ready. So now it has begun. Here are just a few of the things we started to get ready…..

Moving furniture from the room. The baby’s room used to be my office. Way back when we first moved into the house, Sean built this awesome table for me for the space.  In the summer of 2014, we started the process of finishing our basement, when my office moved down there. Still though, all of the furniture and supplies had not been moved because the rest of the basement wasn’t finished. Now they have all been moved and of course, they are probably extremely dusty as the basement project continues.

Painting. Sean decided that he was going to paint the whole room. The only bad part was he didn’t decide to start working on this until after we came back from the holidays. It was a crazy fast project but I can now say it is complete, with only a few minor disagreements over colors.

Moving in. You can ask Sean, I was getting super antsy to move into the room. We had received some stuff at the shower at home and I was ready to start putting it where I wanted it in the room. He had to get the room done though. I’m not even sure the paint was dry when I started putting things in the closet but I felt a lot better.

Building the crib. Everyone told me to run away when this happened but, honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I think it took maybe a half hour for my dad and Sean to put it together. Now that it is done, I already feel better and have laid off of him a lot. I feel like I could have the baby now even though we still don’t have things that we probably should have.

Sewing. I have been in sewing overload. It isn’t even all for out little one but it has been fun and I accomplished more in the short time after Christmas till now than I thought I would. All of the projects turned out great. More to come on those soon.

Freezer meals. It was a little ambitious but I am hoping that we will be thankful to have them once the baby arrives. I ended up making 20 meals ranging from soup to wings to chicken to sausage. I am hoping that this will last us a couple of weeks with us cooking on the other nights.

I’m sure over the next 8 weeks (yes, that is all that is left), I will continue to try to get the house ready but first the basement project has to get finished so we can finally clean our house and feel like it’s really time for the baby. Only about a week left of that work and it should be done. (And that means the rest of the Christmas decorations can come down. YAY!)

Look for the big nursery reveal in the next couple of weeks. We still have a few more touches to put in the room but it is all coming together.

All you need to know for this is that Sean cooked. (ok well grilled) The pictures of the product. The recipe. UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled



1 Soft Shell Crab
Tessamae’s Lemon Chesapeake Vinaigrette
Red and Yellow peppers
Hand full of Cheese
1 Tortilla Shell

Grill the soft-shell crab. Place the onions and peppers on a grill plate and then on the grill. Drizzle Vinaigrette on both. Cook until finished.
Fill tortilla shell with peppers, crab, cheese and place on the grill until shell is toasty.
Eat and enjoy with a glass of white wine.

I know I totally said I would post this last week and I ended up getting busy doing many other things and not writing for the blog. Blogger fail.

Well not exactly when you see some of the other projects that we have been working on in this house!

What was new last month in the kitchen? Grit waffles and BBQ bacon. The grit waffles were really good actually. I know, very different, but it was a good substitute for the gluten free waffle mix. DSC_4125DSC_4126

Breakfast that morning was pretty awesome. DSC_4130

And then we topped it off with bacon covered in a BBQ seasoning. I had a hard time believing the recipe when it said to put the seasoning on the bacon and bake it for 45 minutes but that it was what made this so yummy. DSC_4133I know not an attractive picture but it was sooo yummy. Not something I would want all of the time but a couple of pieces with an awesome breakfast would be a great compliment.

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