Now that our Christmas cards are out, I can post these. I have been waiting because I didn’t want anyone to know that we took these. The timer on my camera worked pretty well and we really did have a great time taking these pictures.
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Just a few photos with leaves in the backyard!
DSC_3526 copyDSC_3538 copyDSC_3550 copyDSC_3561 copyDSC_3581

What was I up to over the week long break where I was pretty much snowed in? A little shopping for Baby Caff, trying to keep the house a little cleaned up from all of the dust, and TONS of sewing. Upon coming back from the holidays, I set a really, really ambitious goal for myself. 3 baby blankets for others that are having babies right around the same time, curtains for the baby’s room, and a project for the family that includes nine different finished pieces. I can honestly say that I have finished almost all but the family project and it is well on its way. Just

On to the quilts though. I can’t believe I actually finished five quilts over the last week. Granted two of the quilts were already put together but needed to have edges put on them but still they were finished this week. So here you go!

Here are the two that needed edges. The first is one for the boat that I worked on last summer and just slacked off when it came to finishing it. The second was one that I worked on last July at home in Indiana and was too lazy, again, to put the edges on it. This one will end up getting shipped to somebody, someday for their new bundle of joy.
DSC_8398DSC_8396DSC_8383DSC_8380 After that it was on to the quilts that I was planning on making for others that are having their first little one. The first one is for a co-worker from the job that I left last June. Her and I had become really close and we would have had so much fun comparing bellies at work, had I still worked there. She is having a little girl and I LOVE how girly this blanket came out. I think that she is going to really like this a lot. DSC_8375DSC_8373DSC_8376

The next one is for someone in Sean’s family who is due in May and they don’t know the sex of the baby. I fell in love with this one in general. It turned out even better than what I thought it was going to turn out and they got lucky. I had just enough material left to make them a couple of matching burp cloths to go with the quilt.

The last quilt is for a friend from college. I just found out that she is having a girl last weekend but knew that I only have a short period of time to get it finished before our little one gets here. I really hope she likes this one.
DSC_8404 DSC_8405DSC_8403DSC_8402

More to come on the curtains and the family project soon.

We had our tree for five days before leaving to head west for the holidays. I took these on Wednesday night while Sean was gone before having to leave early on Saturday morning.
DSC_8189DSC_8191 DSC_8194We unfortunately didn’t get to take a picture of the two of us in front of our tree this year. We did in front of mom and dad’s though. 

The family left, I got out of my jury duty and then it was off to see the baby for the last time until March. Everything looks good to go!

Here are the newest pictures of our little one.

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