Sean and I have run in the Paws for Life 5K the last couple of years. (2014, 2015). This year only Sean ran due to me just having our little guy. It turned out to be ok because it was a little on the chilly side and I was able to do a little baby wearing and wrap him in multiple blankets and cover his head to keep him nice and warm.

Sean rocked this year’s race. He actually finished first in his age division (30-35 Males) with a time of 26:05. He shaved off 2 minutes from his time last year. This was the only 5K that he ran over the last year so it’s not like he had that much race experience in between times.
This was him at the start of the race.
These were of him finishing the race.

I was super proud of him, especially since he hasn’t been able to get in as many workouts as he would like since the birth of the little man. Not to mention that this is a hard course and it was also super muddy due to all of the rain we’ve had. His lower legs were covered in mud when he finished.

We will have to see how he does next year. Can he shave off another 2 minutes? he enjoys running way more than I do so it is completely possible.

Mothers’ Day weekend. Well that was a couple of weeks ago and the time has flown since.

We started the weekend off with heading to the first weekend at the boat. Always a wonderful time but this time included a lot of work. Loading the boat with all of those items we had taken off for the winter months, cleaning teak, and just cleaning in general.


Friday night we had dinner at the restaurant up on the hill from the boat yard. It was such a pretty night and all of the lights on the docks. It made it feel like summer had already arrived. It was a lovely feeling.Untitled


Since we are a little on the crazy side, we decided that we were going to run a 5K bright and early on Saturday morning. I ran this same race last year but had two others join me this year. The mister and his brother. I shaved a little time off by finishing in 35:01 this year. The mister kicked my booty. He finished in 28 something. (He couldn’t remember….)UntitledFor his first 5K I was super proud of him. There was no way I could finish that fast. I think he took superhuman powers that morning for breakfast or something.

The rest of the weekend was super busy and I was super lazy. We cleaned up parts of the boat and then finished the weekend off by taking Sean’s mom out for Mothers’ Day. It was a really nice day.



Well better late than never this month and only because I have just been really busy at work and lazy when I get home at night and don’t want to be on my computer. No good excuses.

6. Cook something new each month. We have done some fun seafood this month as well as a mushroom risotto that was awesome. Risotto was something I had never fixed before but that handy cookbook mom and dad got me for my birthday helped me through the long process.

8. Go to the Biltmore with family. Check out pictures and more here.

29. Read at least 5 new books. I actually finished two books this month, which I think accomplish this goal, The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent and Daddy’s Girls .


Hopefully next month I will have a few more to add to the list!

While watching The Biggest Loser a couple of weeks ago this was one of the recipes that they showed during one of the promotion pieces on the show. Sean and I thought it sounded good and we put it on the menu.

It was super easy to make and super yummy. Sean said this was a keeper.


Check this one out for yourself! Recipe was found here.

Today I turn 29 and I am only 365 days away from entering my 30s. Somehow that feels really weird to me. Not old, just weird. I felt old at 22 for some reason so 30 is just another number. To make my last year of my 20s a little different, I thought I would try something new.

I always thought it would be fun to do a 30 before 30 bucket list. A lot of people start these when they are in their younger 20s and have a couple of years to make everything happen. Why not make it a little more challenging and try to do it all in one year? It can happen…..right?

1. Run another 5K. Month 8
2. Visit Napa Valley. Month 1
3. Have pictures taken of Sean and me together.
4.  Plan our next big adventure trip. Month 4 Month 6
5.  Enter a photo in a contest. Month 2
6. Cook something new at least once a month. Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 7 Month 8 Month 10 Month 11
7. Decorate our house. (Sean is always wanting to hang new things on the walls.) Month 2 Month 6
8. Go to the Biltmore with family. Month 7
9.  Make a new type of quilt. Month 4 Month 6
10. Make something new from Pinterest. Month 11
11. Have a dinner party at our house. Month 11
12.  Celebrate Anniversary 3 in a new place. Month 11
13.  Anonymously help a stranger. Month 2
14. Have someone new visit our home. Month 11
15. See a show in a theatre. Month 6
16. Attend Zoolights at the National Zoo or something similar at Christmas time. (**We might have to change this one up a little bit because we missed this one around the holidays. Mainly because I was sick.)
17. Ride on a new tourist train. Month 10
18. Attend one special function at our church. Month 6
19.  Take a class in something besides photography. Month 5 Month 10
20. Do something local that we’ve never done before. Month 3
21. Visit “home home” as often as possible. Month 3 Month 10
22. Do a crazy fitness challenge. (squats, planks, lunges….something)
23. Take lots of pictures and try out new techniques. Month 1
24. Learn to eat Gluten Free. Month 1 Month 2
25. Not work so much at home during the week. Month 5
26. Open an Etsy shop
27. Complete the basement project. Month 11
28. Pay for someone’s order in a drive thru. Month 8
29. Read at least 5 new books. Month 1 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7
30. Volunteer someplace new.

  • Check out what all you have missed!