This summer the Harford County Parks department did a Summer Challenge. Each time you visited one of the parks, you were to take a selfie and submit it online. At 7, we got t-shirts, at 11 we were entered in a drawing for a Pontoon boat ride and at 15 we were entered in a drawing for a year membership to the science museum. We accomplished 16! Here are the photos of our visits.

Two weekends ago, we headed north and then south on route to the boat. Yes, it was almost ready for the season but we thought we would get a head start by putting some of the items that we knew we would need  for the season on to the boat.

We knew this process was going to be much different from the past as it was going to be much harder for both of us to haul things back and forth from the car to the boat. It turned out to be a very true prediction. As soon as we arrived, someone decided he was hungry so it was time to eat right away and then it was time to sleep. On top of me having to feed him, it was also pouring down rain too and Sean had a hard time between down pours getting enough on the boat for him to put away.


Here is the little man trying out his new bed on the boat. He seemed to sleep pretty well in it but we will have to see when it comes to sleeping for a whole night in there. Untitled Untitled

After we got the boat loaded with as much as we could fit in the truck for this go round, we introduced the little man to several of the members of the Yacht Club that happened to be there that weekend as well. Then it was time to head home. We weren’t planning on staying as long as what we did but it was good to see others in the boat yard. We have a couple more weekends coming up that we will be spending the whole weekend there, we should be in for the real adventure then. 


“When do I get to go to this so called boat that you people keep talking about?”

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