Only two more months to go until my birthday. I crossed off quite a few this month and started a couple of others. I think that I will probably finish all 30 before my birthday!

6. Cook something new at least once a month.  Corn Salad with Avocado and Blueberry Lime Salsa This was a great recipe. You should try it!

10. Make something new from Pinterest. This project is still in the works and I can’t give too much away because it is actually a gift for someone. Hopefully, I will have pictures up later this week about this one.

17. Ride on a new tourist train. We visited the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad with Sean’s dad and brother earlier this summer. We had a great time!

19.  Take a class in something besides photography. Writing for Marketing Online Class that finishes up in just two weeks. I am also in another photography class as well. Some of the photos from that class will be up later this week as well.

21. Visit “home home” as often as possible. Since Sean has friends visiting for the 4th I get to spend Fourth of July week at home in Indiana. I had a great time and got to see quite a few people. It still wasn’t long enough but I did enjoy the time.

22. Do a crazy fitness challenge. (squats, planks, lunges….something) – Squats it is! 30 days to 200 squats. Only 20 days left to complete this one.

The list is dwindling down. I don’t have too many more to complete before my birthday.

We have a deal in our house. If Sean gets to have the guys here for 4th of July, I get a plane ticket home. Simple.

I think that this deal has been in place for four years now. I am starting to get used to having one trip home by myself a year. I don’t have to worry about entertaining someone else and I get to see all of the people that I want to see on my schedule!  Can you tell I enjoy it?

This year was a little different than the past. On the Fourth, we had a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. We had it at a place in Jeffersonville that was really close to the river. The cool part was that we were able to walk up on the Big Four Bridge to see the fireworks. It was awesome because they were literally going off all around us!

The following pictures were taken at the reunion. IMG_3441DSC_7052
DSC_7051DSC_7123 DSC_7121DSC_7119 DSC_7117DSC_7116DSC_7115DSC_7111DSC_7102DSC_7089DSC_7084DSC_7072

Just a few of the other things that I got into while I was home included a Bats game and a mosaic class. I got to watch the little brother do his thing on the baseball field. It was probably way more work then he wanted to do but it happens. 

The mosaic class was with a couple of my cousins and a great aunt. It was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be as well as a lot of concentration. It was really fun though!

IMG_3437IMG_3481Until next time home, home.

This year for Christmas we got my father-in-law a package on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad to be an engineer for the day. Well, we hadn’t gotten around to scheduling it and finally found a day where we were all free.

We went up on Saturday so that we would be ready to go on Sunday morning for the three hour train trip. We had dinner at The Baltimore Street Grill in the downtown section of Cumberland. It was a pretty small place but it had pretty good food.

The next morning, we walked around outside of our hotel. You can see the town of Cumberland in the distance and the train tracks. It is a neat way to see the city.

We walked over to the front of the station and I tried to take a few pictures. It was really a neat building. (I don’t know who the statue was though.)DSC_6811DSC_6819DSC_6820

Then it was off to get ready for the ride. We watched it come into the station. It was neat to see the crew get it ready for the ride. DSC_6830 DSC_6832 DSC_6834 DSC_6838 DSC_6843DSC_6848DSC_6862DSC_6863


These next couple of pictures of Helmstetters Curve. This curve is well known in the rail fanning world. Tons of cool pictures have been taken from that barn. Seeing it from the other side isn’t nearly as exciting. We thought that there would be more to it. Oh well!DSC_6887DSC_6897DSC_6907

When the train gets to Frostburg, everyone gets off of the train and then they flip then engine around. It actually is really neat to see, and it goes around pretty quickly. DSC_6936DSC_6970DSC_6987DSC_7000DSC_7004DSC_7018DSC_7023DSC_7026DSC_7033DSC_7035DSC_7047

Well just a little on the late side posting this one because apparently I can’t remember to post to the blog. Only really one thing happened in the month of June.

6. Cook something new each month. – Soft shell crabs and scallops on the grill, experimenting with Lemon Chesapeake Dressing and much more.

Oh and I guess in other news this was the last month at my job. I have six weeks off this summer before starting my new job. Yay for a fun summer and lots of new things.

All you need to know for this is that Sean cooked. (ok well grilled) The pictures of the product. The recipe. UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled



1 Soft Shell Crab
Tessamae’s Lemon Chesapeake Vinaigrette
Red and Yellow peppers
Hand full of Cheese
1 Tortilla Shell

Grill the soft-shell crab. Place the onions and peppers on a grill plate and then on the grill. Drizzle Vinaigrette on both. Cook until finished.
Fill tortilla shell with peppers, crab, cheese and place on the grill until shell is toasty.
Eat and enjoy with a glass of white wine.

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