The weather is finally starting to warm up enough that we don’t have to bundle up everywhere we go so we went to our favorite park for a visit at the end of March to play. This was the first time Guyon had actually played at the park. The only bummer was that they don’t have good swings at this particular park. (Don’t worry though, we have tons of other parks close by that we need to try out and see if they have swings!)

Guyon really enjoyed playing and going down the slide!


Every year the Yacht Club that we belong to does something fun during the winter time to socialize with the club members. This year, since I am part of the leadership of the club now, i was in charge of planning the outing. We decided to visit Winterthur and go to dinner at the Brandywine Brewing Company in Wilmington.

It was a really interesting tour and there was a lot to see. I actually would love to go back at some point and see more of the house because it was so impressive!

This was just a few of the photos I took. Everyone that went had a great time and our little was a great tourist for the day.


Right before we celebrated he big birthday, we squeezed in a quick trip to the midwest. It was an experience and of course someone decided to make it more fun by getting sick. We think he was just run down and tired but he rebounded nicely for the family to arrive for his birthday.

Finally, after months of having ear infections and tons of antibiotics, G was able to get tubes in his ears. The night before we let him stay up late. We played trains and watched basketball. He didn’t quite understand why he was getting to stay up so late but it seemed to help the next morning with his surgery. He was a champ and they are helping a ton!UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled

Since Uncle Sam wasn’t going to be able to attend Mr. G’s birthday, he came for a quick visit before heading off to Scotland. Unfortunately, Mr. G wasn’t feeling too hot that weekend and so finally on Uncle Sam’s last night here, we celebrated his birthday a little early with some sugar (an ice cream cupcake) and presents!

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