Guyon – 1 year!


How Big Are You?
24lbs 7oz
30 inches long
46 cm for your head

What’s Your Temperament?
You have been a little more fussy this month, mainly due to ear infections and sickness. You still are a good little guy though. You are so flexible and do pretty much anything we take you to do. You always have a smile on your face and laugh a lot. Most people say that you are a joy to be around and that you are a good little boy.

What Are You Eating?
You still eat like a champ. You are doing a much better job of picking up, tearing big pieces into smaller pieces, and chewing your food up.

You are such a good boy when we go out to dinner too. We don’t go out that often but you are typically a very good little boy when we do.

A normal day consists of….
Feed from mommy when you wake up.
7-8am – Cereal and Cheerios transitioning more away from cereal these days and more fruit and Cheerios
9-Noon – Drink cold cup of milk
Noon – Lunch time
1-5pm – Cold cup of milk and small snack
5pm – Dinner
7pm – Feed from mommy and bedtime

What Are you Sporting?
You wear mostly 18 month clothing these days with a few 24 months thrown in there.
You wear number 3 or 4 size diapers when at daycare and at night. You still wear your cloth diapers at home.

How Are You Sleeping?
You still seem to wake up occasionally at night time and there have been a couple of times this month that you really wore mommy and daddy out getting up at night. Since you got your tubes though you are starting to sleep longer at night time.

Your naps are getting shorter though. We are lucky to get two 45 minute naps out of your but then other times you surprise us and you sleep for a couple of hours.

Your bedtime routine really does help you even when we traveled. Typically we follow the same routine each night:
Brush your teeth
Story time

Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
– Crawling really fast
– When the front door is open
– Steak, Chicken, and potatoes
– Stacking blocks
– Knocking blocks or towers over
– Opening and closing books

– Teething
– Being sick

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– Dressed to impress for Valentines’ Day (my first Valentines’ Day)
– On the move everywhere!

– Started drinking more consistently from a cup
– Visited Strasburg for opening weekend
– Celebrated Fairy Tale week at Daycare
– Uncle Same came to visit. His visit included an early birthday celebration since Uncle Sam was in Scotland, working for your birthday.
DSC_6365 DSC_6382 DSC_6400 – Built train layouts with Uncle Sam and Daddy
– Stayed up SUPER late the night before your tubes so that you would sleep on the way down there and not get too hungry.
Untitled – Visited with a 2nd ENT, went to the doctor for a physical, and had tubes put in all in one week. This was right before you got your tubes.
Untitled Untitled – Added two more states to your growing list. You visited Illinois (the airport) and Iowa. You did not feel very well while we traveled.

– You started pointing at things. You also discovered your new favorite game. You touch your finger to someone else’s finger and electricity transfers from your finger through the other person.
– Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa came to visit. Uncle Andrew and his girlfriend, Allie, came to visit as well.
– Celebrated Grandma’s birthday too.
– You met the Owen family
– We celebrated your birthday a couple of days early.
Where I am with you…

Getting a Christmas Tree and Meeting Santa

This past weekend we went to get our Christmas tree. Wow, so much more of an adventure with a little one! It was a little cold but we found one after a little searching. We had a little bit more of a difficult time than what we thought we would.
Then we went to meet Santa! Guyon did so well and didn’t scream but did try to pull Santa’s beard off a couple of times.

First Train Ride

A couple of weekends ago we took Guyon to ride his first train. We spent the morning visiting the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and then rode the Strasburg Railroad in the afternoon.

Sean was super excited for this visit because Engine 460 was making its debut after being restored over a six year period of time. In honor of its debut, the Pennsylvania Heritage unit was also visiting and we were able to get up close and personal with an engine that runs on the rails today. It was really cool!
DSC_3468 copyDSC_3459 copy

DSC_3483 copyDSC_3485 copy
It also happened to be right before Veteran’s Day. In the aisle ways around the trains, there were displays of war memorabilia and people dressed in period clothing. It was a neat display. After the museum, it was off to ride the train.
DSC_3442 copyDSC_3450 copyDSC_3487 copy

Guyon loved it! So did his daddy and his grandpa! I am sure we will do many more of these in the future!
DSC_3495 copyDSC_3507 copyDSC_3516 copyDSC_3519 copy

We got Guyon his first wooden train too while we were visiting. He seems to really like to play with it.

Our first family vacation – Outer Banks

Last year, Sean won our annual game of golf to determine who would have the opportunity to choose where we would go for our anniversary. He choose Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks this year. He had been there when he was younger but I had never been. It was a great choice and extremely relaxing.

This year was a little different as we had another person to take into consideration. Guyon made the trip with us so it turned out to be our first family vacation as well as a celebration of being married for four years. Yes, you read that correctly, four years. Time seems to be flying by quickly.

We drove down on a Tuesday afternoon and arrived around 8pm. Guyon was an awesome traveler again but was extremely excited to get out of his car seat upon arriving.
Wednesday we started the day off by going to the Wright Brothers Memorial. It was very neat to see but was hot. It was a good thing we went on the early side because none of us would have lasted very long in the afternoon.
On our way back to the hotel we went thru a Brew Thru, a drive thru beer store. It was pretty neat and they had so many different types of beer.
After some rest and pool time, we went and got a pizza and walked around Duck a little bit.
Thursday, we decided we wanted to visit the Currituck Lighthouse and I was brave enough to wear Guyon as we hiked the 220 steps to the top. The view (and the workout) was so worth it. It was so pretty from the top and you could see for miles.
On the way back we stopped to have lunch at a place with a really great view….the food was ok but not great. Then it was off to the beach for a little bit before ordering dinner to pick up and have on our balcony. Since the weather was so hot (heat advisory type weather almost everyday) we had a a lot of take out dinners and ate on our balcony. Sean and I were completely ok with this since we had packed our own little stash of alcohol for the room. We had a great dinner that night from a place in Duck that was featured on Dives, Diners and Drive-Ins. It’s a gas station that does carryout food as well. Shockingly I didn’t take any pictures of food while we were there! HA!
Thursday was also the day we discovered that Guyon had cut both of his bottom teeth. At the same time.

Friday was a laid back day. We had breakfast and then it was off to the beach. Guyon took a nap as soon as we made our way down there. Sean and I both enjoyed just sitting there and testing out the much colder ocean water.
We cleaned up and it was off to play our mini golf game. We were both so excited to play since it was a course we didn’t know and we got to ride a mine train to the first hole.
Guess who won? I did! That’s right… the first time in four years. I guess that means I have to plan our vacation next year and it’s for the big 5 year anniversary meaning we will want to do something special. This may take all year to plan…….

Saturday, Sean really wanted to drive a jeep on the 4×4 beach. It is one of the only beaches where you can drive on the actually beach and park. We ended up not being able to take the jeep though because they were scared it was going to breakdown and they didn’t want that to happen since we had Guyon with us. SO we got our own private tour in a truck with air conditioning and a tour guide.  It actually worked out really well. We got to see some wild horses and see some beautiful houses. Guyon slept the whole time. We did get him out just long enough to get a picture on top of Penny’s Hill though. It was soooo pretty up there. You could see for miles and the whole beach. It was super cool.
The next morning it was up early. We packed the car, walked to the beach to see the sunrise and then had breakfast before heading out to come back home. It was a short trip but an awesome one. We had such a great time and can’t wait for our next trip with Guyon. I really can’t wait to show him so many other places that I have been and others that I haven’t been to before. It’s amazing how when you have a child you see things so differently and you want them to experience as much they can. Who knows where our next stop will be?