Our tree and photos

I was super excited to actually get the camera out and take some of these photos! I wasn’t sure that I would have the time or energy to do this but it worked out! Now we have our family photo to add to the other years (I just need to get a photo album started of those photos.)
DSC_4201 copy
DSC_4240 copyDSC_4268 copy

Getting a Christmas Tree and Meeting Santa

This past weekend we went to get our Christmas tree. Wow, so much more of an adventure with a little one! It was a little cold but we found one after a little searching. We had a little bit more of a difficult time than what we thought we would.
Then we went to meet Santa! Guyon did so well and didn’t scream but did try to pull Santa’s beard off a couple of times.

Trunk or Treating

Guyon’s daycare hosted a Trunk or Treat on Friday, a week ago. We were super excited about it since this is his 1st Halloween and also because Sean hasn’t ever really handed out candy before. His mom and dad’s house never had Trick or Treaters so it was fun for everyone.

We decorated the truck like a train with a smoke stack and tracks under the tires and a cross hatch sign but completely forgot to take pictures of the truck. Our little Engineer was pretty cute though!

DSC_2733 copyDSC_2737 copyDSC_27381DSC_2739 copyDSC_2766 copyDSC_2773 copyDSC_2774 copy

Happy Halloween!

New Year’s Trip

Rewind a couple of weeks to New Year’s. After a couple of weeks of being at home with my family, it was off to Virginia to spend some time with Sean’s family for the New Year. We arrived on Monday afternoon and left the following Saturday.

Typically when we visit, there is a lot of snow. This year was so different. There was no snow and we barely needed a jacket when we went outside. I think there was only one day where it felt like we needed a winter coat. We also had to find different activities to do since we normally do snow related activities. We got to see another part of the resort that we don’t typically see.

My mother in law also spoiled me with a pedicure and massage while I was there so I had the privilege of spending a couple of days in the spa area. Even though I wasn’t allowed to do all of the offerings, it was still incredibly nice and completely relaxing.

Here is a lookbook of just a few of the pictures we took while there.


That is a gingerbread house! 


Who knew that workout clothes were so fashionable? Can you imagine?Untitled

Sean trying out the hoverboard!

Us on one of the walks we went on through the hills. It is a heck of a lot harder to walk hills with this extra weight I am carrying. LOL


Tea time!


Miniature golf.


28 weeks pregnant on New Year’s Eve.


Us before going to dinner.


Don’t worry I didn’t try ice skating. 


On a hike to see some of the waterfalls. Normally it is too icy to do this. 20160101_140649UntitledUntitled

Everyone on New Year’s Day in front of the Christmas Tree in the lobby. 20160101_21244720160101_21263620160101_212826