Time to decorate….

This past weekend after we finished celebrating Thanksgiving, I got the itch very early to start decorating the house for Christmas. Christmas is a big deal to me. I love the holidays and I especially love shopping for the perfect gift for my loved ones.

We started off by hanging lights.

An up close view of the lights.

The front door. The wreath was something that the previous owners of the house gave to us. It is beautiful on our front door.

The banister on the rail was also given to us by the previous owners but it looks beautiful.

This hangs higher up in our foyer off of the landing on the 2nd floor. This was also given to us by the previous owners and they look beautiful. We may change it up later but for now and since we don’t have many more decorations these worked nicely.


This is a little touch of home. A reminder of a very special Christmas tradition and some extremely special people in my life. Throughout the year I have many different ones to display and some that will stay out all year long! This little basket brings a smile to my face every time I pass by this door. Since we are buying a live tree there won’t be pictures of that for a while. Until then enjoy these pictures.

Happy decorating and enjoy the holiday season!


A couple of weeks ago I posted pictures of our new house on Facebook for my friends and family back home to see. One question I got was, “Can you tell you are Purdue grads by your house?”

Yes, you can tell we are Purdue grads by looking at our house! Here are a few pictures to prove it.

This picture hangs in our kitchen and reminds us of all of the places on campus that we saw every single day. This was a Christmas present from one of my brothers when I graduated from college. One of the best and I am so happy that we have a special place for this picture.

Purdue candle that sits on the kitchen counter.

This was something that we received from the Purdue Alumni Association. We wanted someplace fun to hang this and the garage cabinets just seemed to fit. It is a great reminder every time we come home of where we met.

This would be one of a couple of Purdue blankets that are in our living room. Yes this is one of my favorites because it has the train on it!

What do you think? Can you tell we are Boilermakers?

Boiler up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! This year we really do have a lot to be thankful. We both have extremely supportive families, a brand new home and a love that is stronger than sticks, stones and steel. We couldn’t ask for more!

This year we will be spending the holidays with Sean’s family and I am cooking a few of the traditional dishes from our side of the family.  In the almost five years that we have been together this is our first Thanksgiving together, so it is a special one! We wish everyone in Indiana and all of our other family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

What I have done for 2 weeks

So over the last two weeks, I feel like I have done a lot. Sometimes I don’t think Sean realizes what all I do because we do so much on the weekends. Cleaning this place takes a little bit of time considering how much space we have. I have squeezed in a few fun projects though.I figured out how to make fabric flowers. I love making things and this was something that I really wanted to learn to do. With a little bit of help from Pinterest and several blogs, I finally found a way to make these that were easy for me to do. They have turned out cute and I also have a couple of different kinds I just don’t have photos of the other ones.

I made Christmas Cards for friends! They didn’t take very long and they turned out pretty cute.

I have taken some pictures of the house as well. One night the sunset was really pretty and so Sean and I tried to take a few pictures of the back out the house! We have also had a lot of deer in the backyard. The deer can be incredibly playful and one night I got a few pictures of the deer. There were about 12 of them in the field next to our house but several of them ventured up to the house.

Helped Sean install the new TV. It was a lot of fun and the tv is pretty cool. We enjoy it a lot!

And last but not least…I have cooked. I have cooked a lot for me. I never thought that I would enjoy it so much but I really honestly enjoy cooking. Tomorrow is the true test though. I will be making the dressing and a squash pie (both of which are family traditions). Hopefully they turn out awesome! I will update on it soon!



Funniest Story from the 1st week

So this happened about two weeks ago….actually two weeks ago yesterday….to be exact.

A little background, Sean and I both moved out of our parents’ house into our new house. Meaning that neither one of us has much furniture or the typical household items. We are getting married next August so it really doesn’t make much sense for us to buy all new items as we will get (hopefully) some of these items for either a wedding present or a shower present.

So I was trying to fix tacos for dinner(which is one of our favorite meals) and I noticed that I was going to have a hard time cooking the meat, there was just too much to cook in one pan. We have 4 tiny 1 quart pans and not a whole lot else. So I take two pans out and start to boil the hamburger. As the hamburger starts to boil, I notice that both look as if they are going to overflow. I quickly take them off the heat and I am able to combine in one pan to put on the seasoning.

This probably isn’t as funny to some but we found it hilarious that it took two pans to cook the meat. The meal was wonderful but in the back of my head all I could think about was, “Wow, I get cook like this for about 9 months!”