Finally we went to pick out the groomsmen’s apparel for the wedding.(and Sean’s too) Thank goodness since I had been on Sean to do it for a while now. So now we have to get all of the rest of the gang in there to get fitted now too.

Other then that today wasn’t too exciting. It was payday though which is always exciting.

Tonight includes eating leftovers for dinner and the Purdue basketball game. It is also senior night which is sad to see Hummel leave. He is the only one left from when Sean and I were there. 🙁

Oh and Sean says that I am ” Numbers Junior” with all of my budgeting, he gets to listen to me close out the month tonight.

Love is


Tonight’s picture is actually something that I made. I am now looking for someplace to hang this in our house…which will probably be my office because Sean and I decided that we were able to decorate our respective offices however we wanted to decorate them. So that will be where this goes probably.

I found this in the bulletin right before Valentine’s Day and absolutely loved it so I ripped it out and finally finished putting it together tonight. I may still change it a little bit but not sure yet.

Today was an extremely long day. I was absolutely exhausted all day and have no idea why. I came home and fixed Sean dinner and he was back out the door to go to trains. I on the other hand called several of my friends and really enjoyed catching up with them. I wish they were closer though. I want to be able to see them much more often then what I do. My phone minutes for this month will probably be larger than normal but still less than when I was living over 600 miles from someone.

Well I think it is off to bed to read for a little bit and my goal is to go to the gym in the morning. I hope that I can make it! I feel like I might be more alert at work tomorrow!


Today was absolutely beautiful so Sean and I went out to walk the MA and PA trail. It is really close to our house and was very good exercise.

Other then that today was not very exciting. Just work, walk and then dinner! Now watching some tv and then off to bed soon!



I said that I wasn’t going to work that much on the wedding this weekend…yeah right! I did more work on several different pieces for the wedding. It turned out to be a very productive day!

One note this morning from church….we got to church a few minutes later than we normally do. When we walked in we noticed that the piano player was making an announcement but I didn’t really hear what all he said. We found a seat and the next thing we know the Deacon is saying that we don’t have a priest. Apparently the priest was a substitute and he had not showed up. The Deacon said ” No big deal, as a chaplain of a prison, I do this all the time.” and informed us of a few areas that would be slightly different.

As the service was progressing through the Liturgy of the Word, the priest walked up the aisle just in time. It was very strange. Mass was then completed. Definitely something that has never happened before  to me while at Mass!

Other than that it was a very laid back Sunday!

Create , DIY

The Scarf

I finished this project a couple of weeks ago. I had forgotten that I hadn’t shared this yet. So here it is!

I started working on this project when I wasn’t working. It took me a very long time to finish it. I had found pictures of a scarf similar to this one and wanted to make one. Little did I know that it would take me months to finally finish.

I started out by making the fabric flowers from felt and then worked with fleece. The white piece for the bottom was a piece of fleece.


Once I had a group of the flowers made, I laid them on the white piece to see how many it was going to take. I figured out it was going to take about 100 flowers to cover the whole scarf.

Once I started sewing on the flowers I decided the bottom piece shouldn’t be a rectangle. I decided to cut it curvy instead.  So I cut the rectangle down to a more circular look. Also it took a few less flowers. The following pictures are some close up pictures of my scarf.

Scarf01Here is the finished project. It turned out really nice and I really like it a lot. It hasn’t been too cold though so I haven’t really worn it out much.
Scarf02And a terrible picture of me modeling it! HAHAHAHA!

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