A couple of months back I made a similar present for a good friend (you can see it here). Well another friend had commented on the photo about how much she really liked the one I had made. When I found out she was getting married I thought it would be fun to do a similar one but not exactly the same. This one turned out a little different but still awesome.

This one I decided to not do all one color as well and I think it turned out just as good! I hope they both enjoy it and can find someplace special to hang it in the new house!



This is what I enjoy when I get to enjoy when Sean isn’t home! Sweet Potato fries! So good! He missed out but in his eyes he didn’t so that is ok. I think we are both super ready for the weekend though!


Yesterday was a rough day but we made it through. I was able to finally get my voice back but still didn’t feel all that great. Sean also started feeling a little rough. Needless to say it was an early night for us and medicine definitely had a part in my deep sleep.

On a very exciting note we had a wonderful surprise from my parents. We now have four chairs for our kitchen table! (Secretly I think they wanted to do this so they don’t have to stand at dinner when they come to visit again!) THANK YOU Mom and Dad!


So I tried pretty hard to get out of bed and go to work this morning and met a pretty hard wall in what Sean thought I should do. Honestly I am kind of glad I listened to him. It has been a rough day. I have a headache, used a whole box of kleenex, and am coughing like a champ. Oh and I am on day 4 of not having a voice. Talk about awesome! I did do one thing that was pretty important though and that was get our invitations to the post office. So expect those in your mailbox sometime this week! I will post something about the process of making our invitations closer to the wedding. I love them a lot and Sean helped me a ton on them. I hope everyone likes them.

Tonight I am sure will not be overly exciting due to how I am feeling and Sean will probably try to slightly avoid being close to me due to this nose and cough! I don’t blame him one bit. Honestly I really hope he doesn’t get this either. Its almost painful.


Sunday was a long day again! We flew out at 7:30 am and headed back home. Needless to say I still didn’t have a voice and I ended up getting a little worse throughout the day. Sean worked on cutting he grass and I slept for a little while. I also used a lot of kleenex. I also started coughing a lot more too. We spent a lot of time hanging out on the back patio and then fixed pizza for dinner. It was pretty good and lots of fresh veggies!

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