Thursday was when all of the fun really started. We started doing the seating chart. Let me tell you how fun that was! We were able to sort people into groups and then start sorting tables. If you don’t like where you are sitting feel free to move after dinner. It honestly won’t be that bad but it was a tough thing to do for almost 230 people.


Wednesday of last week was a busy one for us, we were both trying to catch up on around the house. One of our gifts we received was a spice rack and we were able to start the process of filling them up. It took us a little while but we got it all filled up and reorganized our countertop space!


Oh Tuesday of last week how you have slipped away and made all of the other days slip as well. You can tell we are getting close to the wedding because of course I haven’t been updating the blog. A lot has happened and I probably won’t remember all of it to write down because my brain is turning to mush slightly!


Tuesday  we gave Fergie, our ficus tree a hair cut! That was the only bit of excitement that I remember from that night. I don’t even remember if I cooked. I was in a real cooking funk so who knows.



This is what happens when you don’t do the dishes all weekend and dinner takes like 4 pans. Oh well it is all done and the house is in a halfway nice looking for Sean to get home.

Oh but I need to take care of a bunch of wedding emails tonight as well!


After a very long day of working on stuff on Saturday Sunday was a lot of just trying to organize everything. There is so much to pack up and take home with us to the wedding. It is kind of nuts! After yesterday though I feel like I have things pretty organized. There are just a few more things to do and then make sure everyone knows all of the details.  Deep breathing!

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