Wedding Recap: The Kid’s Table

When we started planning the wedding and made the guests list I realized that we were going to have a larger number of kids at the wedding then what I thought. So to keep them busy I decided to have a table with butcher block paper on it and a few activities and treats.

The first was an idea that I had kind of at the last minute but turned out incredibly cute. I decided that it would be fun for the kids at the wedding to have Ring Pops. I made a sign to go next to it that said:

“Now that we have said “I do”

We’d like you to have a ring too!”

There was a basket of ring pops to go along with it! The Ring Pops came from the Dollar Store so it was cheap entertainment.


The second thing we did was an “I Spy” game. I had seen this on Pinterest and knew that I could easily create my own. That is what I did!

The table sign I made and put in a black and gold frame that I also found at the Dollar Store. It turned out really cute!

The last piece that was on the table was special coloring books. I was able to find a couple of coloring pages on the internet but I made several of the pages myself. I was able to put in a couple of things that were special to Sean and I.

DSC_0296 DSC_0297

Day #241


The good part of our day. Dinner.

My day wasn’t the way I expected at all! My computer at work completely crashed. As in I had to go to the Apple store to get a new hard drive.  I tried to back everything up the other day so I really hope that it was all backed up! We shall see.

Very relaxing night at home tonight though!

Day #238


Still receiving wedding gifts. This beautiful mantle clock came from one of Sean’s cousins. Very nice. Reminds me of home except ours doesn’t chime.

Long day for both of us. It will probably be an early night to bed tonight! Getting up early for work wears me out!