Today the Ravens don’t play so we are going with the team the Colts are playing, Tennessee.

The food on the menu today, Southern Caviar and Almost White Castle Burgers. Tennessee is known actually for Krystal Burger places so I found a recipe on how to make them at home.


Holy cow you talk about good! The Almost White Castles taste almost just like the real thing but you know it is real meat. The Southern Caviar was also very good and a good snacky type thing to have.

We can mark this one as a keeper!


Woke up this morning and the wind is already starting to blow and apparently it rained some last night.

Didn’t rain very much until about 4pm. Here it comes though.

I think we are ready. We have lots of water ready in case the power does go out. If family at home wants to know we are ok, call my mom and dad. They will be in touch with us but we don’t know how long if at all we will be with out power. They are expecting 10 million people on the east coast to be out power for 3 to 5 days.  I will post on here as soon as I can in once it hits!

Football dinner post coming soon as well. This was a good one!

Mainly relaxing, anticipating, and watching a whole lot of football.


Saturday was a busy day. Consisting of laundry, cleaning the house, and running errands for those last minute things we are going to need for Sandy. This really could be Frankenstorm.

Meet up with a good friend for dinner half way between where she is staying this week and where we live. Interesting little place we visited!

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Day #297


Long day at work for me. Halloween parade, football game, and cross country meet. A lot to cover.

Errands on my way home because Sean is out of town and the news of Sandy striking the east coast breaking.

Movie in bed and reading once I got home.


Dinner was out with Sean’s parents tonight. We took them to a great Irish pub that we enjoy in the downtown area.

Sean’s mom brought us this bowl for our tricker treat candy. Pretty cute!

Long day for me but the week is almost over.

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