The wonderful weather that we made our trek home and then our baggage when we arrived home. ¬†Once we arrived home, we unpacked did some laundry, I took a short nap, then we got ready to go to Sean’s parents. We exchanged gifts with them and then made our way to a Boxing Day Party which was a lot of fun!

Exhausting day but a fun day!


The Christmas tree before we dug into everything! Christmas was wonderful as usual.

Mom added the Crock Mountain Pot to the breakfast entree. It was pretty good but the cake was oh so delicious.

We went to visit Grandpa as well and got to see some old photos that were pretty cool. The guys help put up Grandpa’s new flag. The third picture is my grandpa and dad. Scary how much they look alike!

My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin came for dinner and as usual my brother did an awesome job with the pork loin.

It was the greatest time to be home for that day!


Lots of pictures! The first is K and I hanging out with family. We were on a team when playing Apples to Apples which is my mom and B playing in the third picture. The second picture would be my aunt laughing so hard that she cries. This seems to happen almost every single Christmas (this year it happened without her watching A Christmas Story too).

Throughout the night we tracked Santa as he made his way around the world. It was so much fun to watch him move from place to place!

Christmas eve was great but busy as normal!


We started off the morning by going to church and then grabbing some lunch to take out to my Grandpa’s house. We spent some time there and then it was back home to visit the neighbors and then time to fix dinner. Unfortunately my stomach decided to act up and I didn’t even eat. Thank goodness I didn’t end up getting extremely sick though.


This is the dam near where I live. This was actually the first time that I had ever been there. We found this after chasing some trains through downtown but the one we were looking for eluded us.

We had lunch with one of my very best friends and her husband. The food was great and the company wonderful!

That night we had family over for appetizers which turned out to be a feast! It was awesome!

Great first day at home!

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