At the beginning of December I had done some research on Pinterest exploring other bloggers who had tried to make anywhere between 10-20 meals at a single time. These meals were somewhat like going to buy frozen meals from the grocery store but a lot healthier. I found the recipes that I wanted to try and set off to the grocery store to buy everything I would need for this adventure.

It took me a couple of hours and about a $100 and we ended up with 14 meals. I fixed Colorado Beef Burritos, Sweet and Tangy Meatballs, Italian Sausage with onions and peppers, Cilantro Lime Chicken, French Beef Dip, and Chicken Fajitas.




So far we have had 3 or 4 of the meals. They have come in handy since all of them are fixed in the crockpot.  I absolutely love the fact that I really don’t have to fix much when I get home after work.

There was no way I was going to make something from Baltimore and Denver is just really cold this weekend so I made soup. French Onion Soup to be exact!

I first made this recipe a little over a year ago and I liked it so much that it was time to try it again. I just had to have a lot of time available to make it because it takes some time to make.

This time I also decided to make homemade croutons to go with it. Can’t go wrong with these!


I found the recipe here and I am sure that I will be making these again! So easy and so good!


While home with my family they all insisted that I had a cookbook that was full of family recipes. Well I had one until the other day, now I have two. The first one was one that my grandmother had made for me about the time when my cousin was starting to move out on her own. Being seven years younger then her I didn’t get the full value then but now is a different story. Enough that I decided to take photos and recipes to create our own family recipe book…..a year ago. I finally decided after Christmas and when Shutterfly was running a sale to order the cookbook.

Needless to say when it arrived I was incredibly excited to see it in printed form. It lived up to all of my expectations and looks awesome!

Warning to my brothers: There are probably a lot more photos in here of me then there are of you. It’s my cookbook but if we ever do one for you then we will change some of the photos!



The cover looks awesome. The pictures was taken after little buddy won regionals his junior year in baseball. I know the picture is a few years old now but still one that is very much our family!


The first page is our last Christmas picture as a family of 5. (2011) Also one of the first pictures that I set up!


This page I have to thank a great aunt for putting together in a frame for my mom and dad because it allowed me to take a picture of the pictures and put in the cookbook. The picture on the left page is my mom and dad’s engagement picture! Lots of family history.


Then it is lots more pictures and lots of recipes. All favorites of the family!








Talk about a walk down memory lane and you can taste some of the food just looking at the recipe. I love it!



I have to say I am so glad I went ahead and printed the cookbook. It was something I just wasn’t ready to do because of the cost. I ended up having a discount code and it helped since it was 36 pages long.

It really didn’t take too long to do. The most time consuming part was gathering everything together and scanning in some of the pictures! Shutterfly‘s custom route was easy to use and the best way to design it because of the flexibility of the layouts and moving pieces around.


These are a few of my favorite pictures from our New Year’s Eve 2013! SOOOOOOO much fun!











DSCN4137 copy

We started off the year in a big way with me starting a new job in a new place. Sean and I worked on projects for the house and cooked all kinds of fun foods. My car turned over to 100K miles and we celebrated 5 years together. We also started a year long project of trying to blog once a day.

February brought new projects and a little more snow. We cooked nothing but food from Pinterest for an entire week. Sean took me to see Disney on Ice. It was the first time I had ever seen the show and it was AWESOME! We also started on our invitations for our wedding.

March brought my parents and brothers to visit and a situation that wasn’t fun for us. We also got to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her and I  made her an ice cream cake. We also had an engagement party that really kicked off the stream of wedding activities.

April brought on outdoor activities and boating! It was also the month that we discovered LA Totally Awesome at the Dollar Store. We also experienced our first My Lady Manor Race and discovered the beauty that is Ladew Gardens.

May brought us a trip home and engagement photos. We also got to make some goods with our crop from the farm and our CSA. Strawberry pie and bok choy were on the list. I also learned that I am not allowed to open champagne.

June brought a good friend’s wedding and invitations went in the mail. Lots of time spent on the boat and of course getting ready for the big day. June was also Sean’s bachelor party and a work trip for me.

July was the first time that I ever ran a 5K and crafting for the wedding and a trip to see Sean’s family for a garden shower.

August well there is really only one day that matters for the entire month and that would be the 11th. Our wedding day!

September was settling into married life, my birthday and an event with Sean’s mom.

October brought the challenge of trying to cook for the football games. Frankenstorm (Hurricane Sandy) came our way but we survived easily. We also discovered a few new restaurants in the area that are wonderful!

My first professional photography shoot, the sending of baby gifts to a very good friend, a trip to Strasburg and Thanksgiving filled the month of November.

December was a very busy month and ended even busier. I had to get an MRI on my knee. We spent Christmas at my home and then New Year’s surrounded by a large group of Sean’s extended family.


To 2012 we will not forget you but onward to 2013 and many new experiences and challenges!

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