My brother decided that he was going to run the marathon last year after finishing the mini-marathon. After missing his first mini-marathon, I was not going to miss going home for his first marathon. And actually it could not have come at a better time. I really miss being home around this time of year so it was a good dose of home at exactly the right time.

Here are a few pictures from the marathon and opening night at the downs. Oh and I can’t forget to mention that the call to the post played as my luggage came out. Made me smile.

The airport was decorated!
These were the hot air balloons that we saw on Friday morning headed down to school. They are hard to see but I promise they are there.

Sam running in the marathon at the beginning before the bloody toe incident.
These were my favorite costumes of the mini-marathon. And yes he carried that ball and chain the whole way!

There he is! He finished the whole thing!DSC_0133
One very well deserved beer!

Opening night at Churchill! Awesome tickets thanks to dad and one losing bet. Untitled

The weekend was great and all but it isn’t fun to come back home after a wonderful weekend at home. I got to see almost everyone that I wanted to see. If I would have had just a little bit longer I would have gotten to see everyone.

So what did we decide to do, celebrate Derby week at our house. Each night is food that would be typically served around Derby time. So we started off the week with Ham biscuits and caprese salads with Mint Julieps. We also made bourbon balls (well actually ours look more like blobs but that is ok) and watched last year’s Derby that was still on our DVR. Sean also decided that we were going to have Lemon Herb Butter with the Ham and Biscuits. It turned out pretty good.



Check back later this week to see what else we have to eat! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

One night this past week (or maybe its been two now) I had no idea what we were going to make for dinner. Of course there was something planned on the menu but apparently it didn’t sound good. We were working out that night a little later then normal so I wanted something fairly quick.

Voila! Insert breakfast foods. Sean and I are neither one very big breakfast eaters so we love it for dinner. Sausage patties, fried eggs, and waffles worked out perfect. Add some jelly as a condiment and perfect sandwich /  dinner. It was fantastic!


Nine months ago on our wedding day, Sean turned and looked at me as we drove over the bridge and said “I just saw one of the Heritage Units.” He said it pretty quite so no one but me heard him. He was giddy. The New York Central was the first of the Heritage Units he had seen.

So now unless you know a lot about trains, you are probably asking what the heck is a Heritage Unit? In 2012, in honor of Norfolk Southern’s 30th Anniversary they paid tribute to their predecessors by painting 20 units in the commemorative schemes. Each engine honored a different predecessor. Unlike normal Norfolk Southern units that are painted black and white, a lot of these units are painted in very bright colors. To read more about the Heritage Units, click here.

Sean and I have been following the Heritage Units and trying to find the NYC. We even looked for it on a trip back home because it was running a coal route for a long time. Once it came off that route it has been up and down the east coast but always eluded us.

Yesterday we thought it was coming towards us and the bonus was that the Penn Central was the lead engine. Sean came running in the house and yelled at me to get ready, the train was coming. We went to one of the Amtrak stations near the refinery where it was headed….or so we thought. Upon the train arriving, we were sorely disappointed. Neither of the engines were on the train we saw. So disappointed.

Today after Sean finished working on his test we decided that we were going to start heading towards the refinery where we found out it was sitting. It had run the route late last night. We were really hoping that the reporters weren’t lying this time. We couldn’t wait to see it again.

Da Don Dada! I present pictures of the New York Central!




There was a bonus to this trip was that we caught the Penn Central and the Central of Georgia at the same place. We just were not able to get pictures because security was a little tighter in that area.

After nine months of searching it was so worth driving up there to see it! A little piece of our wedding day!

When we moved into our house a year and a half ago, I was really hesitant about decorating our house. I honestly didn’t know exactly what I wanted in each room and I wanted to take our time figuring out all the details.

So I finally started getting the itch to start decorating the house. You saw here that we added a canvas to our bedroom. Next up was a place that was a space where I got to do what I wanted to do and not something I had to run by Sean. My office!

After we built my desk last year I thought I knew what I wanted but I am really glad that we didn’t do the original idea because it was not at all what I wanted in there. After searching Pinterest I actually found something that I liked. First stop was Goodwill to find some frames that I wanted. One little challenge, I had to paint everything white. White frames are incredibly hard to find for a decent price. So I painted.

The “Live Life” canvas came from Kohl’s and the “They lived Happily Ever After”, came from our wedding! That is what my flower girls carried up the aisle.

I had a little help hanging everything but I think it turned out nice. Yay for a project that didn’t cost us a fortune!


For Easter, the Easter bunny dropped something off at our house that has turned out to be a lot of fun for both of us….and maybe a bit challenging as well.  We both really enjoy playing Scrabble so I knew this would be a lot of fun to have around. The Scrabble board I found here and laminated it. I did have to print it at about 140% instead of the normal 100% so that the magnets would actually fit in the box. I also had to color in the boxes for the specific spaces as well. The magnets I found on Amazon and the score card(not pictured) I made out of a piece of paper that I laminated and we write on with a dry erase marker.

We keep the extra letters in a pile on the cabinet but I am looking for something that we can hang on the frigde so that we can keep them all in one place! DSCN4283

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