Just to get a sense of my husband and I, two things were in the news today that didn’t make us very happy.

First is that apparently at the rate that we drink wine, there will be a shortage in coming years. Read the article here.

Secondly, someone in our house loves Sriracha. Apparently there is a complaint in California that the smell is burning people’s eyes and they can’t live in their homes. Read the article here in the LA TImes.

If either of these things don’t improve, you will see us buying as much wine and sriracha as we can hold in our house! Yes we both love them that much!

Sean has been aching since the spring time after he took a trip with his dad to get back out on the water for a full weekend trip. We finally were able to pick a weekend that worked for both us and some good friends, and he was so excited!

We weren’t planning on going too far for the time that we had available, it was a perfect trip.

Or so we thought.

Friday night while we were out was too good to be true considering what we faced starting Saturday and only continued to get worse on Sunday.

I have spent quite a bit of the past two summers on a boat and I thought that in that time I would be used to some of the rock ‘n’ rolling that happens when you are on a boat.

Not like what we had on Sunday. WOW! I almost got sick.

Did we have a good time? Oh my gosh, yes! Could it have been a little bit calmer? Oh my gosh, yes! Did I take some awesome pictures? Oh yes!

Let’s just focus on the good pictures and not the white capped waves we saw while on the water!

When Sean and I were in college, one of our drunk go to foods was pizza. We both loved it and there was something oh so good about a pizza at 2am. Our favorite place to get pizza from was Mad Mushroom. Everyone would typically go for their cheesy bread as it was cheep and a great option. We enjoyed it but we quickly found we had a new favorite. They were gourmet pizzas that had toppings like pesto, potatoes, and other no so typically toppings for pizza. Neither of us cared because the pizzas were outstanding.

I think that we may have tried this one other time but it was time again to take a chance and see if we could make the Basil PotatoHead pizza. This pizza was regular crust, a layer of pesto, cooked potatoes, onions, and lots of cheese. I can’t say that it was a Mad Mushroom pizza but it was pretty good. It was super easy too!

DSCN4456I think we still may have to make a visit back to Purdue and go to Mad Mushroom just to get a gourmet pizza because they really were that good!


This year I decided to get a whole box of tomatoes and start making some sauce. Spaghetti sauce is a favorite around our house and last year we discovered that we really like the homemade stuff better then the store bought stuff. So this year my mission was to make enough sauce to last us through the winter. I started with a full box of tomatoes (they were seconds so there were a few spots in them but nothing terrible).DSCN4443

I cut all of the tomatoes up but I had to do it in shifts because they wouldn’t’ all fit in the pan at the same time. I think I filled the pot four times total that day!

We ended up with 20 containers of spaghetti sauce but let’s see how long it lasts. DSCN4446

I even made fun labels for the tops of the containers! (I do have a problem of putting things in containers and then I don’t know what is in there so it was good to put labels on containers!) DSCN4447

Download blank labels!

Labels1 Labels2 Labels3 Labels4

I have quickly realized that I am so far behind on writing on the blog and I have not being doing a good job. I have so many post piled up from the past month or so and now is the time to try to catch up.

Oh well on to the real stuff, the food.  About a week ago I fixed Southwest Stuffed Mushrooms for dinner. We had a whole bunch of veggies in our fridge and I wasn’t sure what all I was going to do with them but this turned out to be a great option.

I had found this recipe on Pinterest and it is definitely a keeper.


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