You have to start somewhere……

Today marked the beginning of an intense 14 week training period for Sean and I. We try very hard each week to get to the gym 3 to 4 times a week but our trainer has decided that he wants to give us a little extra challenge. Sean and I will be training like the military trains during bootcamp for the next 14 weeks. We have workouts to do 3 times a week and he will work out with us one other night. We will be keeping track of the weights we use as well as repetitions in our workouts daily. Cardio will be our friend on the other days. On top of all of this we will be keeping track of our food during this time as well. So that means a whole lot less sweet stuff and mainly meat, veggies and fruit. (Don’t get offended if I turn down the Easter candy or any other sweets!)

I personally think that this will be a fun challenge. I look forward to seeing how my body will change during this time and you can definitely expect me to be exhausted after these workouts, I sure was today!

Strasburg Opening Day 2014

5 Years ago around Valentine’s day Sean and I went to visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. This was at a time in our lives when we did lots of this type of stuff because we were flying back and forth visiting each other.

Well fast forward to two days ago when my husband found out that this weekend was opening weekend at the railroad. They had the snow plow out getting the track ready to make 3 runs today, tomorrow and Monday. Since we didn’t go out last night for Valentine’s day he really wanted to do something today and so we decided to head up there to visit for the day.

We decided to visit the museum and ride the train. Yes it snowed the entire day while we were there but I got some really cool pictures!



This next section of photos were taken with my good camera not the little point and shoot!

The next two photos are probably my favorite of the whole day. Yes one is the original and the other is the one that I edited!DSC_0613ColorDSC_0598DSC_0612DSC_0616DSC_0623DSC_0627DSC_0637DSC_0650DSC_0657

Valentine’s Day and Snow

DSC_0492I came home on Wednesday afternoon to these. Big surprise because of course we were expecting a dumping of snow. He decided that he was going to be prepared and get them for me early in case we couldn’t get out today!
I should also mention that this is the first time he every got me roses! Kind of exciting!

This morning Sean ended up having to go into work today even though we got more snow overnight. I think we have probably a foot of snow or more on the ground! It is crazy!  As Sean was leaving he mentioned the sun was coming up and it was beautiful. I got up and grabbed the camera and ended up with these this morning.
And this was one from yesterday of our bird friend in the tree outside of the kitchen.


Tonight should be fun. We are staying in cooking steaks and asparagus. Tonight’s activities should be playing board games and watching a movie! YAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Deer in the Backyard

Exactly one week ago I was making dinner and turned around to see our deer friends on our patio! As I slowly crawled around the kitchen to grab the camera and make my way over to the windows to take a couple of pictures I might have scared the ones closest to the house off. I still managed to get these awesome pictures though (and Sean didn’t come home and scare them away either!).

Photos from today

Overnight we got a pretty bad ice storm. When I work up this morning I work up to the surprise of a delay which later became a day off.  It was nice especially since I am on the mend. This afternoon the sun came out and I just happen to be watching the deer hop across the back yard and then saw the sun and the trees and awesomeness.
First for the deer.

Some ice form this morning.

These next two are straight out of the camera.

And this one had a little bit of editing!

Now is it spring yet?