Can’t wait for Spring

Today is the 30th of March. Guess what happened? It snowed today. Yes for real. Snow. It was a little on the crazy side.

I am pretty sure that the weather around here has had too much to drink . I can’t wait for the sun to be out and the weather to be much warmer.

My list of what I can’t wait for this spring.

1. The boat to be ready and time on the water.
2. Weekend in St. Michael’s and going to the wine festival.
3. Hopefully my parents will come visit! (I think it is about time to see them!)
4. Going to visit Fallingwater and the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.
5. My brother coming to visit.
6. Did I mention the boat being ready and being at the marina for the weekend.
7. Being able to get the camera out and take some cool pictures this summer!

I. Can’t. Wait. I think that is all for now but don’t be surprised if I keep adding to this list if it snows again.

A Productive Sunday

Little did I know that I had all of this in me in one day! I started the morning off by working on a quilt that I started last weekend. It took me a bit to get all of the pieces cut and then the clouds scrunched to look right. This morning I was able to get all of the clouds sewn on and a letter or two. Lots more work to go on this one but it shouldn’t be too bad.

I had found this pattern on Etsy and thought it was really cool and quite an experiment. This one is a lot different  then anything I have ever tried before and I have learned multiple things with this one that will be helpful in the future with other quilts.

After working on this I started dinner. Yes this was a little bit of an all day project but it was soooo worth it. Typically I make this soup with a couple of cans of tomatoes and a jar of roasted red peppers. This time I used tomatoes that we had frozen from over the summer and I actually grilled several red peppers to put in the soup. It was really good! Untitled

After I got the soup going, I decided that I would make some homemade bread. I was really trying to move away from eating bread but homemade bread is really hard to move away from, especially when it is warm. This recipe happens to be incredibly awesome and it made three circle loaves!  (2 of them went to the freezer so that we wouldn’t eat them all at one time!)Untitled

This afternoon I needed a couple of pictures for a project I have been working on over the last week. These were the last pieces to the puzzle! Luckily we got the pictures in before it started snowing tonight! The first one is a black and white with just the barn in color! Barn HeaderLighthouse

Dinner was super yummy as well! All the homemade food was amazing and I think I am going to have to do that more often!

I realized that I had not posted pictures of some of the projects that Sean and I have finished lately. I finally finished the eat,play, sleep, repeat quilt that I had been working on for quite some time. I also finished a simple quilt with the U.S. on one side and a world map on the other side. The second was a short but neat project. DSCN4694

Sean on the other had has been adding all kinds of stuff to the train layout. He has finished installing the track, installed the valve distribution building, the cemetery, and the front part is almost done as well. That means that I am going to have to get on the curtain making soon!DSCN4692

The Art of Thank You Cards

Sean and I were both raised to send handwritten thank you notes. When we were little I know that I probably complained about doing them and I even probably tried sneaking out of doing them. Sean says he was the same way and always tried sneaking out of doing them.

Once I moved out on my own there was one thing that I wanted to keep alive in our house. The art of sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and of course thank you notes. Yes I call it an art. There is a reason for that. I spend a lot of time every couple of months in the card store picking out just the right card to send to just the right person. Yes a lot of thought goes into the process. That is why a lot of times I don’t make handmade cards for those situations, Hallmark just does it better.

When it comes to a Thank You note though I feel that it doesn’t matter what the card looks like it is more about what the card says on the inside. The act of sitting down and writing a Thank You note does not take much time and can be a very heartfelt way of saying Thank You when a person is not there to see you open a gift. That gift can come in many forms, whether it be an actual gift or something nice for someone that you know they will appreciate.

I honestly believe that the art is a lost one. Many people find an easy way out of doing a simple hand written Thank You card and it is sad. A lot of times it is easier to send a text message, an email, or not one at all. I wish that people would go back in time a little bit and learn the value of a handwritten note, especially a thank you note! I am one of those people that has kept notes and birthday cards over the years. I enjoy going back and looking through the notes that I have saved. Now I still save notes and cards especially if I see that the person took time to write a message in the card. We have dozens from older family members and our parents already just a year and a half in to our marriage. Our parents happen to be awesome about this. We have dozens of notes from both sets. Some for no reason but to send us something in the mail. I love them and will cherish them for a long time. (Yes I know it will be a hassle to go through them someday when we have tons of them but at least we will have something that has our parents handwriting on it.)

I can honestly say that I am very thankful that both sets of parents instilled in us the art of writing thank you cards. Yes it may have been a hassle getting us to understand that when we were younger but there is nothing like sending and receiving a hand written thank you. It also lets the person know that you received their gift if it was something that was sent in the mail. I will brag for just a sentence too. I had all of my Thank You notes from our wedding written and in mailboxes within ten days of our wedding. Yes all of them. That is how much Thank You notes mean to us.

So if you honestly want to say Thank You, take a couple of minutes and sit down and hand write a Thank You note. You would be amazed at what it actually means to someone. And if for someone reason you don’t get a Thank You note from one of us for some reason, please bust us on it!

March 14th

Today has been an interesting day. We spent the day at home since Sean had a outpatient procedure done yesterday, it has been lots of rest and relaxation for him today! I worked most of the day (thank goodness I can do that from my computer).

We might have found another series to add to our list to watch now, Mad Men. We are currently also watching House of Cards. Both on now on the addicting list!

Today is actually my momma’s birthday!

DSC_0097This was two years ago when I got to fix her birthday cake for her. (This cake was otherwise known as Crumbles and Fudge by my brothers!) I always have a hard time when I don’t get to be with mom on her birthday but I know that Dad will do something special and she has gifts to open from us that got there yesterday! It wasn’t anything super exciting this year but that is ok. I hope she enjoys them!

Today is also Pi Day, ya know as in 3.14159 (sorry that is all I know!). I always get excited when I am at school because we have a teacher in the Middle School that always has a party for her students. I normally get to go participate which is always lots of fun! Since I wasn’t there today I made a pie of our own!

I also should mention that I tried something new tonight and they were super awesome! I made homemade potato chips. Sooooo much better then what comes in the bag! I could get used to making them more often!
Lots of different flavors too, Old Bay, Jerk, and Salt and Pepper.

For the day that it was it was a pretty good day! Let’s just hope the mister keeps healing properly and doesn’t have too much pain!

Learning to Run

I know it has been a while since I have been on here. Work  and keeping up with exercises have kept us both very busy!

Tonight as we were working out at the gym down on the turf field, I was stopped mid workout by one of the trainers working with a group of kids off to the side of the field. He said “Hi I am Qadry and this is how you should be running.” Little did I know that most of my life apparently I have been running wrong. He demonstrated how to run properly and I actually improved over the next couple of times running the field.  I will admit though that I had to think about how to run though but I am sure it will get easier with time.

As I went back to working out with Sean and our trainer, they look at me and were like “Do you know who that is?” Uh no I don’t have a clue.

Source -

Source –

Qadry Ismail #87

Source –

Apparently I was getting tips from none other then Qadry “The Missile” Ismail, a NFL wide receiver for 10 years. He played for multiple teams, including the Saints, the Colts, and the 2000 Superbowl Champs Baltimore Ravens. Kinda cool. He apparently has developed a training program called Missile Training, which focuses on form of exercises and does his training at the gym where we belong. I just have to remember how to run properly now!

On a side note, this was dinner tonight!
UntitledBeef cubes from the Butcher Shop and lots of veggies in a sesame garlic sauce. Oh so yummy and getting closer and closer to eating clean! YAY!

Oh in case you missed the sunset tonight, don’t worry I caught it on my phone. I didn’t have time to go up and grab the real camera to get some good pictures!



Not too shabby for phone pics but nowhere near what the camera would have done. Eh oh well. You win some and you lose some!