Yummy Energy Bites


A while ago I had seen some people sharing this recipe on Facebook and they sounded incredibly good. So I decided to try to make them.

Let me tell you. I think that we should have an endless supply of these in our house. And on top of being so yummy, they are so easy to make!

Here is where I found the recipe! I didn’t use the coconut flakes in ours though.

35 minutes 28 seconds

After an incredibly long week and a couple of days of not feeling good at all, I decided to go ahead and run the 5K that Sean and I had planned on running. This 5K was for an  organization that is located across the street from his mom and dad’s house called Paws for Life. They rescue dogs from high kill shelters and find them their forever homes. The organization has always meant a lot to his mom. Sean and I thought it would be fun to participate, that was before we knew he was going to China. I stuck with it though and ran by myself.
The last time I ran a 5K was before our wedding. I shaved off a good two minutes off of that time and did it without really training for this one. Sean and I typically work out quite a bit but running isn’t something we do weekly.
UntitledDefinitely no pictures of me afterwards as it was not a great time after I finished. I felt pretty sick afterwards. I think I was running a lot harder then what I thought. I am really glad I did it but man I was tired afterwards.


Back to St. Michael’s

After having tons of Derby food, the weekend was absolutely crazy. I started Friday with alumni weekend at work that continued into Saturday. Saturday was also a fun day since it was the day Sean left to go half way around the world for work. Sunday I had to leave to go to a retreat / conference in St. Michael’s. I went down a little early and met up with a former co-worker for lunch. We went to a little pizza place that was amazing.

The conference / retreat was mainly a tech conference, so there were lots of nerds around. It was a neat conference though and we connected with lots of colleagues from schools around ours.

A couple of pictures I took since it was at a place right on the water! AMAZING place! It was really nice to get away from the normal grind of work and out to a beautiful place.

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledHopefully mister is having fun in China! This was the last text message I got from Sean from the plane. He had his own seat and a drink ready to go! Since then he has sent an email and said that he was having a good time but that my stomach would not be able to handle the food! Can’t wait for him to get home soon!

Kentucky Derby Week

Last year we started a tradition in our house, traditional food you would find at home during Derby. I did a couple of days of food  (1, 2, 3) and knew this year that I wanted to try to do a similar week.  Sean and I have been busy the last couple of weeks so I didn’t have as much time to prepare for the week but I think that it actually turned out better than last year!

We started off the week by having one problem. We couldn’t find Mint in the grocery store. Honestly we thought we were going to have a big problem until Sean went to one of our last resorts and found some. He bought all they had. It was a little much but he was insistent that we find Mint.

Once we found Mint, it was on to all of the other lovely dishes that we both enjoy so much. I didn’t have enough time to do Bourbon Balls like I did last year but knew that Derby Pie had to be made. Yum Yum. It was so good as you can see I didn’t even take a picture before I ate a piece.



The first meal of the week was Beef with Henry Bain Sauce. I made asparagus and mushrooms in a bourbon, worcestershire sauce to go along with the beef. It was very yummy!

This was the night Sean insisted that we make Mint Julieps. They were very good. He did a great job making the drinks (and super strong for me!).DSC_5019DSC_5021

The following night I made awesome Chicken Fingers and Mashed Potatoes. Everything was homemade and excellent. Sean told me that he really liked the chicken fingers, he thought they were way better than last year too.


The last dish I made during the week was Kentucky Hot Browns. One of our very favorite dishes and so worth the hundreds of calories. I even made a dish for some of my co-workers.(They really liked them.)DSC_5031DSC_5033
Since we only do this once a year it was incredibly enjoyable. I don’t think my body could handle eating like this every week. We really did enjoy all of the food and a great way to kick off Derby week.

Weekend in St. Michael’s

Last weekend Sean and I went to spend time in a place that he has visited multiple times, St. Michael’s, Maryland. This was a place that we had talked about for a while and finally had the opportunity to go.

Saturday was spent visiting a Wine Festival, with 300 wines available for tasting. I only tasted probably 75 to 100 of them. We did end up bringing home about 8 bottles.


Sunday we visited the Maritime Museum. This museum consist of about 14 buildings each focusing on something different to do with the water. It was a great visit and I really did learn a lot about the area around where we live.