July 4-7 – The rest of the trip home

Like I said the 4th was a lot of hanging out around the house. I cleaned up a ton of stuff out of my bedroom and stuff in the bonus room that I hadn’t used in quite some time. It was a really great feeling to go through some of that stuff and get rid of it.

Saturday, the 5th, my mom had to work. I was wanting to do so photography later that night so we met her down on the river and had dinner at Rocky’s. Before she got there though, Dad, Andrew and I walked the Big Four bridge because I had not gotten a chance to visit since the Indiana side was open. Nice walk even though it was a little warm.

After dinner, Dad and I went down to Ashland Park and were able to get some really cool shots of the Louisville skyline. I may or may not have tried to teach him a few things too. It seemed like he got some really good shots even if I didn’t teach him anything.


Sunday we got very lucky and mom didn’t have to go to work. We went to church and I got to see a lot of people I don’t always get to see, which was awesome. Fr. Dan kicked us out of church because we were talking too much. Then it was off to see Grandpa Marking for a bit with a stop at Aunt Kathy’s for some honey. We were home long enough for me to grab some lunch, check on dinner and grab my camera gear to head out to take pictures with some very awesome cousins.

I was in need of doing some portrait shots and these two seemed like the perfect fit. It was soooo awesome to get to spend a chunk of time with them while I was home. I don’t get to do that often so I treasured the time a lot. (The pictures came out pretty awesome too!)

Dinner that night was a collaboration and was incredibly yummy! Tacos. The company was pretty awesome too.

Monday was a really busy day but lots of fun. I started the morning off with breakfast with Ashley, which is always special time for me. I am lucky enough that I get to see my best friend almost every time I come home, which is awesome since I don’t get to see her the rest of the year. 2 hours later we finally left the restaurant and it didn’t even feel close to that long. Then it was home to pick up my mom and off to Grandma and Grandpa’s apartment. It was so good to see them, even if Grandma was having a rough day. I love seeing them when I am home. After that it was lunch with the family down on the Louisville waterfront side. It was great that Andrew and Dad were able to take a few minutes to come to lunch before I packed up the rest of my stuff and headed to the airport.


Having five days at home was AWESOME!

July 3rd – Home

As Sean celebrated the 6th Annual Fourth of July party on the boats, I was off to home. Of course there were tons of people to see and things to do. I didn’t plan a ton of stuff while I was home but the day I got home was super busy!

I spent most of the day hanging out with mom and taking a nap but then the party started. As soon as the doors opened, we were at Thirsty Thursday at the Bats Stadium. I got to see my little brother do what he does every day and take care of the baseball field. He wanted me to take a few pictures of him and the crew so this is him with the USA that he designed and then him and the crew dragging between the 4th and the 5th innings.


Since there was no game on the 4th we got to experience the fireworks. My dad made a really good tripod taking this pictures. Some of them turned out good, others not so much.



After the fireworks, mom and dad weren’t quite done and I’m really glad they weren’t because we went down to watch the last set of the Louisville Crashers. They played on the riverfront in New Albany and it was awesome!

On to the 4th and us spending a lot of time at home and cleaning.


A few on the water

After doing a photography shoot for class, we ended the weekend cleaning and getting the boats ready for all of Sean’s friends to visit. We ended up spending Saturday and Sunday nights at the boat as I had something else going on Monday. This was a blue heron that I caught on Sunday night in the very peaceful marina.


Can you guess what this is?

I started taking the Advanced Photography class about 4 weeks ago. This is the last class in the series that Harford Community College offers but there are still a couple of others that might be beneficial in taking once I finish with this class. This class is set up a lot differently than the others, we do a lot more in class shooting which is incredibly awesome. One of the challenges a couple of weeks ago was to take a macro shot, which means get really up close and personal with something and take it from a different angle.

I decided one day on a whim that I was going to try something unusual for this project and went with it. It was challenging and I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of the set up of how I took this picture but oh well. Live and learn.

Here are the pictures I was able to get. Any guesses of what this is?