30 before 30

Today I turn 29 and I am only 365 days away from entering my 30s. Somehow that feels really weird to me. Not old, just weird. I felt old at 22 for some reason so 30 is just another number. To make my last year of my 20s a little different, I thought I would try something new.

I always thought it would be fun to do a 30 before 30 bucket list. A lot of people start these when they are in their younger 20s and have a couple of years to make everything happen. Why not make it a little more challenging and try to do it all in one year? It can happen…..right?

1. Run another 5K. Month 8
2. Visit Napa Valley. Month 1
3. Have pictures taken of Sean and me together.
4.  Plan our next big adventure trip. Month 4 Month 6
5.  Enter a photo in a contest. Month 2
6. Cook something new at least once a month. Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 7 Month 8 Month 10 Month 11
7. Decorate our house. (Sean is always wanting to hang new things on the walls.) Month 2 Month 6
8. Go to the Biltmore with family. Month 7
9.  Make a new type of quilt. Month 4 Month 6
10. Make something new from Pinterest. Month 11
11. Have a dinner party at our house. Month 11
12.  Celebrate Anniversary 3 in a new place. Month 11
13.  Anonymously help a stranger. Month 2
14. Have someone new visit our home. Month 11
15. See a show in a theatre. Month 6
16. Attend Zoolights at the National Zoo or something similar at Christmas time. (**We might have to change this one up a little bit because we missed this one around the holidays. Mainly because I was sick.)
17. Ride on a new tourist train. Month 10
18. Attend one special function at our church. Month 6
19.  Take a class in something besides photography. Month 5 Month 10
20. Do something local that we’ve never done before. Month 3
21. Visit “home home” as often as possible. Month 3 Month 10
22. Do a crazy fitness challenge. (squats, planks, lunges….something)
23. Take lots of pictures and try out new techniques. Month 1
24. Learn to eat Gluten Free. Month 1 Month 2
25. Not work so much at home during the week. Month 5
26. Open an Etsy shop
27. Complete the basement project. Month 11
28. Pay for someone’s order in a drive thru. Month 8
29. Read at least 5 new books. Month 1 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7
30. Volunteer someplace new.

My Parents came for a visit

Having my parents here for a weekend visit was a very welcome one. They hadn’t been here in almost a year and it was definitely time for a visit.  They made it so easy picking them up this time. Sean was able to grab them from the train station on his way home from work. Dinner was already done when we got home due to the crockpot.

Friday was a pretty chill day. I was able to work from home that day and get everything I needed to get done. We were able to grab some lunch at Broom’s Bloom, which is always good!

Saturday was a bit crazy. We went to visit the Railroad Museum in Pennsylvania and then did a little, ok maybe a lot of outlet mall shopping. It was a long day but so much fun. (My dad even bought new stuff!)

Sunday was a much more laid back day. We went to church and then spent some time hanging out around the house. We cooked out on the grill that night and Sean got this cool log thing for a bonfire in our firepit.
Dad eating some oysters that we fixed on the grill.
Two worlds collided on one table that night! Can’t go wrong with some oysters and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.
And we made Kale chips. These are sooooo yummy. Highly recommend trying these.
DSCN4768Then we had some cake to finish off the night. Lots of fun and so nice to have mom and dad here for a visit. I can’t wait until they come back again.


We have an office….

YAY! It got the final touches today. All of the trim and tile look awesome! Now to decide if we are going to do an accent wall or design on the wall before putting in the furniture. I really do love how it looks though and can’t wait to start using it as an office.

Pictures from here and there

I probably should have called this post sunrise, dinosaurs and pickles. Yes that is what you will see. The sunrise was one I caught one morning on my way out the door to work. It was just too pretty not to take a picture.

This next one was at an event that we went to a couple of weeks ago with good friends. It was the Wine and Dinosaur event at the Wilmington Natural History Museum. Pretty cool event with lots of little bits of food and wine and beer. We had a pretty good time. Untitled

Last, you can forget about all of the pickling that has been happening at our house. We went through a small jar of sweet peppers in a week so it was time to make more and add a couple of new things to the pickling extravaganza that is now our refrigerator. I am sure they will be super yummy once they are ready in a couple of weeks. UntitledNext up, look out for family visiting pictures. So nice to have family visit again before we have a crazy fall!