Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! The school that I work for knows how to do Halloween. Each year there are costumes, contests, and parades. What more could you ask for on Halloween?

Since all 13 grades dress up, last year we thought it would be fun to get in on the action. This year we took it to another level and it was soooo much fun.

We came up with the idea about a month ago and started looking for ideas for costumes that would include several of us in the office. We came up with the cast of “UP”. Our Carl Fredericksen was the absolute best and really made our group costume the best.


What do you think? Not bad for Carl, Russell and Kevin!

Fall, Soups, and a Promise

I have one more post in me before I start posting pictures from vacation. So let’s start backwards, the promise is that I will put up vacation pictures this weekend(possibly after you see what my awesome Halloween costume is for school this week). I think I have all of the Seattle pictures ready to go, its just after that….ahhhh. I will get there this weekend though especially since we are supposed to get snow this weekend.

Don’t worry though I think we will have enough soup to get through this weekend. I had found a couple of recipes to get rid of some of the vegetables that we had in our refrigerator. The first that I made was in the crockpot, Cabbage Roll Soup. I haven’t tasted it yet but it smells absolutely amazing.
UntitledAnd yes, in case you were wondering, it is completely gluten free and fresh vegetables!

The second soup was one that I was not sure about but I had the squash and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I found the recipe online.  It was a Copycat Panera Autumn Squash Soup. This one smells and tastes so yummy. It is awesome. It was really simple but super yummy and gluten free (YAY!).


Last but not least, this view out our front and back windows was absolutely awe-inspiring and beautiful. Out the front is beautiful fall colors in the leaves and out the back is the sunsetting with gorgeous colors.



Like I said previously, I promise to put up pictures this weekend of our trip and my Halloween costume!

30 before 30 Progress – Month 1

As I close out month number one of my 30 before 30, I am pleased to say that I have made some progress. Even though we haven’t been home one weekend since I turned 29, we have managed to squeeze in a couple of the goals.

What all have I accomplished you might ask?

Well for starters number 2, visit Napa. I am currently working on getting all of the over 800 pictures from our vacation posted soon. I am hoping it will start happening this week. Napa was absolutely amazing though. I have been really interested in wine since I turned 21 and knew some about the process but being there to see harvest and the process was amazing. I loved it so much and really learned a lot at some of the small boutique wineries that we visited. Needless to say, I am pretty sure Sean and I will be going back to visit again someday.

Number six, fix something new each month. I cooked polenta for the first time this month. I just sliced it down and put it in the skillet in a tiny bit of oil. It was good but I think we are going to try it differently sometime soon with the leftovers that were not cooked.

Number twenty-three, Take lots of pictures and try out new techniques. I guess you could say that I did this a little bit since I took so many pictures on our trip. I don’t know if I really tried anything new though. I would say I still have work to do on that one.

Number twenty-four, learn to eat gluten free. We recently learned that I am sensitive to gluten and so I have been eating gluten free now for almost a month. we have been trying out new dishes and learning to eat without flour so much. Talk about a challenge but we are making it work. The most challenging part is when we go out to eat and I am not familiar with the menu. I think the real test will come over the holidays but I am sure it will work out!

Number twenty-nine, Read at least five new books. While on vacation I finished book number one, The Silkworm . This is the second book that is written under a pseudo name for J.K. Rowling and this one lived up to the hype of the first one. Excellent book just like the first one.

For the first month, I feel like I accomplished quite a bit actually. Of course Napa was a highlight but I knew that going into the trip because I had wanted to go for so long. On to month number two and seeing what can be accomplished next.

Pardon this Interruption

Sorry for the absence lately. We have been traveling or had visitors almost every weekend since the middle of September. Not that I am complaining but it has been a little bit crazy. We are definitely ready for a weekend where we can just stay home and enjoy being home. I also can’t wait to cook, not that I haven’t been cooking during the week but I am ready  to make some ridiculous goodness on the weekends.

Oh and during the week I have been working like crazy to get our new website ready for its launch. We were able to finally launch this past week…..thank goodness. Now its just the little changes which are no big deal! Check it out www.stpaulsschool.org

I promise more to come soon about our trips, how the 30 before 30 is going and enjoying the fall!

Quick Weekend Trip

Wow it has already been two weeks since we went away for a really quick visit to Indiana. A friend from college, that I have known since freshman year, got married in South Bend, Indiana. Thankfully after an eventful Friday, we made it there 5 minutes before the wedding.

Friday of that weekend a traffic controller outside of Chicago decided to set a fire to one of the control towers, causing all flights to be grounded in and out of Chicago. Some quick calls and we ended up getting a flight into Indianapolis on Saturday morning, giving us a 3 hour drive to the wedding. As soon as we landed, we quickly walked to the rental car place and jumped in the car.

Thankfully the wedding didn’t quite start on time because we made it only 5 minutes before it was supposed to start. After a very beautiful wedding, we ran to the hotel and checked in and caught the bus to the reception. Unfortunately, we were both so tired that we didn’t stay too long at the reception (and we were ready to get out of the dress clothes we had been in all day as well).

Congratulations Marcus and Rachel! Thanks for inviting us, we really had a great time and we were so glad we were able to make it there for your big day! Everything was absolutely beautiful.

Sunday we made a quick trip over to Purdue for a visit. We were able to get in a quick tour of campus, a visit with the brother, drinks at Harry’s, and lunch at Triple X with friends. Awesome visit and then it was off to the airport.


Oh that is how I spent my birthday weekend!