Well this is a couple of days late, but I guess it is better late than never. What all has been happening the over the last month, you ask? I have a accomplished a couple of things but not too many unfortunately.

4. Plan our next big adventure trip. Sean surprised me this month and told me where we will be headed for a long weekend over Spring Break. Two places I have never been, New York City and Boston. We are in the process of picking out restaurants and figuring out what all we want to see while we are there. So far, so good on the planning. I am super, super excited that we are going. He did so well picking out places that we haven’t been together before!

6. Cook something new once a month. This month we fixed lobster at home for the first time and it turned out awesome. We also tried a new recipe from the Biggest Loser as well that turned out really good. I have a few more recipes too that I haven’t posted yet as well!

9. Make a new type of quilt. I actually completed this in December but couldn’t talk about it yet because the parentals hadn’t received the gift yet and I hadn’t had time to post about the quilt. I made them two t-shirt quilts with photos of us throughout the years on the back. Both quilts turned out awesome and they seemed to like them a lot!

I feel like I am making decent progress on this challenge. It should be fun to see what happens over the next few months.

Now that Christmas is over, I have time to start on some new projects.

I have decided that I want to try to learn to do more difficult quilts. I have been looking at different fabrics online and love some of these prints. I was doing some other research and found out that some of these designer fabrics can be found in the little town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There are some Amish owned places that sell the designer fabrics at a discounted price. I am pretty excited to see if I can find any of these and start trying some quilt blocks that are a little more difficult than the others I have done previously.


Being from Southern Indiana, there is one weekend in the spring that I really looked forward to, well actually it was a full two weeks. The Kentucky Derby Festival is by far one of the coolest things to grow up around. I have heard many people complain about the crowds and the traffic but what they don’t realize is that if they didn’t live there they would miss it immensely. I found that out almost as soon as I moved. The school where I work holds its alumni weekend ever year on the first weekend in May, meaning that I have to watch the race on delay.

This year Sean suggested that I try decorating the house to hopefully help with the homesickness. In the past couple of years I have made traditional Derby food the week leading up but this year since I have gone gluten free we might have to change it up some. Realizing that we just might try to deck out the house! Here are a couple of things that I might try out.  It could be lots of fun!

Kentucky Derby DIY As soon as I get some of the projects completed I will have to post pictures of what we actually decided to decorate with and the fabric we purchased!

While watching The Biggest Loser a couple of weeks ago this was one of the recipes that they showed during one of the promotion pieces on the show. Sean and I thought it sounded good and we put it on the menu.

It was super easy to make and super yummy. Sean said this was a keeper.


Check this one out for yourself! Recipe was found here.

A couple of weeks ago my husband came home and decided that he really wanted Lobster for dinner. Confused about where we would find lobster in the middle of winter, he quickly squashed all doubts I had and he was out to the store to make his lobster craving happen.

He really wanted lobster rolls for dinner but knew that I wouldn’t be able to have it since it includes a bun. He found a lobster taco with avocado salsa for me to have. It was awesome.



If he finds more recipes like this one, I will probably give into his lobster cravings more often.

One of the many highlights, when going home for the holidays, is seeing these two girls. When I moved away from home, one of the many things that crossed my mind was not getting to be around these two girls and watch them do daily things and grow up. While I was at home I saw these two a lot, especially when they started going to school, it was almost daily. I loved every minute of it. Now I really only see them about once a year….one thing not so fun about living 600 miles away from home.

This year I joked with the girls that I was going to have to take a selfie with them because I thought I had taken a selfie with them the last couple of years and I wanted to continue the tradition. Now that I have found 3 years worth of them, they better be ready for selfies every year.




Love you girls and on to many more years of selfies and watching you two grow into beautiful young women! I miss you guys so much and really do love these pictures of us!

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