6. Cook something new each month. Post on this one coming soon, I just have to finish editing the pictures. Last weekend, we tried out BBQ Bacon and Grit Waffles. Yummy, yummy!

19. Take a class in something other than photography. I started an online class that will hopefully improve my grammar and have also signed up to take another class after this one that will help my writing for marketing, which will hopefully help with work situations.

25. Not work so much from home. I can say that I think that I have accomplished this one. I just finished one of our largest events for the year and I didn’t have to come home at night and finish up work. It was a great feeling. Now to use that time more productively than just watching tv or hanging out on my computer.

29. Read at least 5 new books. I read Lady Catherine, the Earl, and the Real Downton Abbey.  I started this book back, I think, in December and it took me getting sick to finally finish it. I have been obsessed with “Downton Abbey” since I started watching the show last fall. This book was incredibly interesting to read since it was about the real people that have lived at Highclere Castle. I can see where the director of the show has pulled many of the story lines and the qualities of the characters.

Each month I feel more and more like I am actually going to complete this list of 30 things. On my birthday, when I decided to try this out, I knew that I was putting a pretty big challenge in front of myself. Luckily, I feel like I am making good progress and that I will be successfully on this one! Stay tuned over the next 7 months to see if I really do accomplish them all.

While watching more snow fall today, I realized that I hadn’t posted these pictures that I took this past week when we had a snow day. This red headed woodpecker was out in our backyard, hanging out on the trees. DSC_4105DSC_4101DSC_4119DSC_4120


Today we got a lot more snow and we are supposed to get ice tonight as well. Good thing we went to the grocery this morning, have enough firewood, and no where we really have to be tomorrow.

I am really looking forward to these upcoming events.

1. Our first shipment of Domaine Chandon wine club.

2. Opening weekend at Strasburg.

3. Going to NYC and Boston for the first time.

4. Seeing “Lion King” on Broadway.

5.Painting the bottom of the boat.

6. Decorating for Derby.

7. Biltmore with both sets of parentals.

8. Pool time.

9. Seeing family in New Jersey.

10. Spring weather.

When getting ready for the big game, I was slightly bummed out this year. Everything that I could think of cooking was food that I couldn’t have any more. I knew that I was going to have to be a little creative to come up with a menu  that would fit my new gluten free lifestyle. Upon doing a little research on Pinterest, I found a couple of recipes that I was willing to try. Most of them ended up being nothing new but all of it turned out really good and I think I would make it all over again.

First up on the list was potato skins, well kinda. It was more of potato slices with cheese, baked and then bacon and onions to top it off.

Next up was this awesome, I would make it all over again, peanut butter fruit dip. I didn’t feel guilty eating this one at all because it is peanut butter, greek yogurt, and honey. Awe-some sauce! I will be making this one many more times in the very near future.DSC_4081

Taco dip. Black beans. Guacamole. Salsa. Sour Cream. Cheese. Taco Seasoning. Enough said. It was awesome!DSC_4082

Deviled eggs. The old stand-by and they were awesome. (Oh, check out that egg plate. Yeah that is Grandmas. Made me miss her a lot.)DSC_4084Needless to say, even though I was bummed out going into the planning of this, I feel like it turned out awesome. We enjoyed it a lot and will fix some of these in the future again.

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to find some new recipes that are gluten free and easy to make, especially when it comes to weeknight cooking. While doing some research on Pinterest, I came across this great website, gFreeFoodie. This website has some awesome recipes and I now have a list that I want to try. A couple that were on the list, I fixed last week.

The first was  Avocado + Bacon Scallop Tacos. Reading this recipe, I was incredibly nervous since it had ingredients that didn’t go together, or at least that is what I thought. Let me just say that I was soooooo wrong. They were awesome and honestly, not that tough to cook. I did fix the sauces earlier in the day but even if I had done it all at once it would have been completely fine.

The second recipe that I decided to try was Chicken Gumbo. I was in search of a gumbo recipe that didn’t include shrimp. Since Sean can’t have shrimp anymore this was one dish that I hadn’t made in a while because he couldn’t eat it. Finding this recipe, I knew it would work and fingers crossed it would be good! We liked this one a lot; we’ve just decided that jumbalaya is more our style. Gumbo is good just too soupy for Sean and too much okra for me. That is ok, I am so glad we tried.


The last one that I tried was Pretzel-Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken . This recipe was amazing and of course I didn’t take a picture of it. Sean and I both really, really enjoyed this one and it was super simple to make. The only bad part was the amount of time that the chicken took to cook in the oven. That is probably why I don’t cook chicken in the oven very often. I still will probably fix this one again though.

Until next time’s cooking adventure…..

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