We played our annual game of mini golf this past Sunday. A little change this year, my mom and dad played with us. It was so much fun and they got to experience the little course that we play on each year.

It was actually dad’s suggestion to play on Sunday. After the crazy day we had on Saturday for my mother-in-law’s surprise birthday party, we were all exhausted and the golf course is close to home. Perfect activity.

The winner this year was officially my mom but since the competition is really just between Sean and I, Sean won. He only won by one though. I actually thought I won but my mom had miscalculated and Sean won. Its completely ok though, I think I am cool with not having to plan our anniversary trip. We will have to see where he chooses for next year!

I can’t believe that I am down to the last month before I turn 30. Crazy!?!?! Time has flown by this year but it really has been a great year filled with lots of fun and many changes. I am really ok with both! So looking back over the last month, here are some of the new things to mark off the list….and maybe add back on the list!

6. Cook something new at least once a month.  – I was going to make this and then my mom ended up stepping in and helping make this for the big party. She ended up making crab dip. I guess we will still go ahead and count it since it was made in my kitchen.

10. Make something new from Pinterest. –  This turned out better than expected. I am always seeing new quilts on Pinterest and I never really had enough courage to try and make one. I finally got up the courage to make one and for a special little girl too. Her mom and family really appreciated the gift and I can’t wait to see little Stella laying on it when she arrives in September / October!

11. Have a dinner party at our house. & 14. Have someone new visit our home. –  These two combined all culminated in a surprise birthday party for my mother in law. It was so worth all of the planning and the wonderful help from my parents and brother. (I am not sure I would have pulled this off without their help.) Pictures to come soon.

12.  Celebrate Anniversary 3 in a new place. – As mentioned earlier, we ventured down to Charleston, South Carolina for our Anniversary. It was such an awesome trip and I will be posting more pictures very soon.

22. Do a crazy fitness challenge. (squats, planks, lunges….something) – Well, I actually have bad news to report on this one. Time to start over. I dropped off the bandwagon on this one and need to try it again. I will have it completed by my birthday!

27. Complete the basement project. – We have started this process. We made arrangements with the builder and have one more step in talking with a designer for the bar area. That is happening later today, actually. The construction, unfortunately, will not start until November. The contractor is so backed up that November is the closest we can get. I am ok with that though. We have it scheduled and I know it will be done by the end of the year. Had we known that it was going to take that long we would have talked to them earlier.

It was a busy month for us. We had a great time though and I love that we accomplished so much.


While in Charleston for our anniversary, I became obsessed with the windows and doors. I ended up taking a ton of pictures of doors while we were there. I introduce to you, my collection of Charleston doors.

DSC_7518DSC_7516 DSC_7515DSC_7514 DSC_7513DSC_7512 DSC_7511DSC_7510 DSC_7507

Charleston SC Anniversary 3Holy cow, 3 already! It seems like we just got married yesterday.

Sean and I aren’t really into getting each other gifts for our anniversary, we just travel and spend lots of time together. Our gift to each other is quality time in place we haven’t been before. This year we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina. It was awesome. More about that in another post and don’t worry there will be a collection of pictures as well.

Our notebook this year was my dad’s immediate family. My Aunt, Uncle and their five kids as well as my Uncle, Aunt and their daughter. It was fun to read what all of my cousins wrote to us in the notebook. You could tell that they had fun with the fact that they were writing to us in the future. It meant a lot to read and it is fun to read what others had to say on our wedding day. It seems like everybody had a blast.

The picture was taken in the lobby of the hotel where we stayed. I think I like this one a lot actually. More about our trip, the food, and pictures to come soon.

Knowing that I was going to need to make a quilt and that it was time to quite putting it off, I searched Pinterest for a new pattern. I knew that I wanted to try something new but I had no idea what I wanted to try. I found this.

half square quilted Source: Cabbage Quilts

I figured it wasn’t too hard but thought it would be cool to try something like this for my first pieced together quilt. I normally just use squares for my quilts, which I love doing but I knew this would be a challenge.

Actually, this wasn’t too bad, it just took a lot of sewing. The cutting wasn’t bad, the laying pieces out wasn’t bad, the sewing wasn’t bad it just took more time than what I expected it to take.  I also probably should have thought about how I was going to quilt it before I started the whole thing too. It didn’t quite work out the way I thought it would but it was ok because I didn’t have to rotate the quilt as many times under the machine.

How did mine turn out? Well, a little different than the one in the picture but it was good inspiration.

DSC_7376 copyDSC_7377 copyDSC_7378 copyDSC_7379 copyDSC_7383 copyDSC_7384

We can’t wait to see little Stella laying on this when she arrives! 

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