19 Weeks

I really didn’t want to be one of those pregnant women that was posting all the time about my belly and what all was going on with me but I have had a couple of people ask about how my pregnancy is going along so I thought that I might post on here a little more often especially since I am now almost half way through pregnancy. (Thank goodness.)

So here you go, belly at 19 weeks!

Cravings: Nothing crazy this week, maybe apples and peanut butter in the mornings.

Weight Gain: The last time I was at the doctor, 3 weeks ago, I had gained about 4 lbs. I think I am now up to 7 lbs.

Best Moment of the week: Feeling the baby move for the first time.(At least I think I felt the baby move but not completely sure.)

Miss anything: Iced lattes from Wawa and Wine.

Movement: I felt the baby move for the first time this week on Tuesday and have since felt the baby move pretty much every day.

Fears: That we aren’t going to have enough time to get everything ready.

General mood: I definitely have my days but pretty happy.

Sleep: I have been sleeping really well at night time. I haven’t had to nap since Week 15 or so. If I do nap now, it is very infrequently and because I’m completely exhausted. I do go to bed fairly early though.

Things I was surprised by: That I am not needing nearly as many naps as what I used to during the first trimester.

Things I am most looking forward to: March. I still don’t like being pregnant.

Food Aversions:  Nothing lately.

Maternity Clothes: Nope, not yet. I have only had to wear the belly band a couple of times on select pairs of pants. Most of my pants still fit but I do have to leave one button undone sometimes.

Gender: We won’t know until March when Baby Caff gets here.

Belly button in or out: In for the time being!

Wedding rings on or off: On and still have plenty of room.

Workouts: Walking 3-5 times a week especially at the park. Still working out with our trainer even though we missed this week.


Fall already!

This summer and fall seem to be really flying by this year. Maybe that is the way it feels every year….I mean I know it did last year but we also traveled all over the place. We have traveled a bit this year but not like last year. Thank goodness. I don’t know if i would be able to handle it this year!

So what have we been up to since we pulled off the surprise party?

The first couple of weekends we spent hanging out at the boat. We felt like we spent quite a bit of time there this year and we are happy we did since next year Baby Caff will be joining us.

We headed off to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a wedding and then to Purdue to spend time with good friends. We got to tailgate and see my brothers.
UntitledWe were also given Baby Caff’s first outfits as well! UntitledUntitledThen, it was off to New Jersey for the weekend. We spent lots of time with Sean’s family and celebrated my 30th Birthday. October has been cooling off and feeling a lot more like fall. We have been spending a bit more time at home. We did go to Strasburg for the day to do a little fall outlet mall shopping before heading off to the boat for the night to go to the Yacht Club meeting. We will officially have the youngest member of the Yacht Club next year when Baby Caff arrives.

I had to do Open House last weekend for school on Saturday, so it was a short weekend.

I have finally felt more like cooking these days which has helped me get back to how I normally eat and not junk food so much. I craved some pretty crazy things for me during my first 16 weeks of pregnancy and it made me feel all thrown off! A couple of things that I have fixed have included Spaghetti Squash Lasagna and a Spicy Kale Salad. The Spaghetti Squash recipe I completely made up in my head. I just fixed it like I normally would lasagna and it turned out ah-ma-zing! It was so good I have actually fixed it twice in the last 2 weeks. Untitled

The second was a Spicy Kale Salad. I found the recipe on The Glowing Fridge but ended up tweaking it a bit. I made it with rice not quinoa and instead of making the sauce (which I didn’t have all of the ingredients for) I used Tessamae’s Southwest Ranch dressing on it along with a little homemade enchilada sauce. It was super yummy and I will be fixing this one again soon!


Since I am only working part time now and finally feeling like doing more than just laying around these days, I have started working on Baby Caff’s quilt for the room. This is 6 of the 7 blocks that I have finished. I still have some of these to finish and then I have 3 more complete sets to do. I love how it is coming out though. Seriously awesome! I can’t wait to see it finished. UntitledOn to working on the registry this weekend followed by visitors from Indiana and then it is November. Holy cow! We will get to see Baby Caff again at the beginning of November, which we are excited about and I am sure the little one will look much different than the last time we saw them. I will try not to take so long to update next time! 

Nursery Inspiration


Secretly, I think I have known for a while how we were going to decorate the nursery. I also knew that I didn’t want to find out the gender of the baby. Combining the two was going to be a little difficult if it was a girl but it is all going to be ok. She will just get pink touches to the room if it happens to be a girl.

What are we thinking? Nautical, of course! We are going to try to use mainly gray, yellow and blue in the room but the quilt is going to be have reds and whites in it as well. The quilt is already in the works and so far so good. (Just a lot more cutting then what I thought it was going to be, but I am surviving.) Baby Caff Nursery


We haven’t completely decided on a crib but this one is probably close to what we will end up getting.

The white crate, I would love to have for books for next to the rocking chair. (I’ve already started a list of books that we would love to have for the baby! Yes, many of them are from our childhood and others are books that I have seen on trips that the two of us have taken.)

Mom and I are making the curtains for the room when she visits in a couple of weeks. It should be fun!

More ideas we have come up with are on my Pinterest board and we hopefully will be going in a couple of weeks to registry for Baby Caff! (I am just trying to get it out of the way before the holidays get here and it is craziness!)

A bump


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a bump. I was 16 weeks yesterday. I went to the doctor yesterday as well and everything seems to be going alright.

I am feeling better. The nausea has pretty much disappeared but now I am having a lot of ligament pain. Being pregnant is still not one of my favorite things. Just keep moving along.

Bring on March!