31 and 32 Weeks


I feel like you can tell that Baby Caff is getting bigger. I promise I really didn’t gain much weight between these two pictures either.


We also were extremely excited to get this in the mail this week as well. We had ordered it so that when the Baby gets here, we can start putting him/her in there so he/she gets used to wearing it. Let me tell you, it is tiny too! Untitled

The Blizzard of 2016

If you haven’t heard already, the east coast got about 2 foot of snow over the weekend. It also just so happened to be the weekend that my mom and dad had picked to visit. They had planned their trip several months prior so there was no turning back. They arrived before any of the blizzard started but were delayed going back by one day as the storm had hit over the weekend and cleanup was taking some time.

After arriving on Thursday night, Friday was a pretty laid back, no snow anywhere kind of day. I had the privilege of being at home since the schools were leery about having students at school when this started because it was supposed to start with a bang. It didn’t and honestly it did wait until the evening hours to actually begin.

Throughout the day, we kept watch for the flakes to fall but like I said, it wasn’t until the evening when it started to fall.
UntitledOnce it started falling though it didn’t stop for 30 hours. Here are a few of the pictures that we took throughout the day.
UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled30 hours and 24 inches (probably, it was hard to tell due to drifting) everything was white.  Our wonderful neighbor did get out for a little while on Saturday to try to start moving some of the snow around. UntitledUntitled

We kept the fire going all day and by that night snow had us, literally, snowed in.
UntitledUntitledUntitledWe played board games and pretty much watched basketball all day long. There were also some nursery preparations as well, but more on those later.

Sunday, it had stopped snowing and the sun was coming out. Our neighbor had plowed the driveway again but it was time to start moving around some of the snow in front of the garage. (No worries, at 31.5 weeks pregnant, I just walked around and sat in front of the fireplace.)
UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledDSC_8309DSC_8312DSC_8313DSC_8318DSC_8319DSC_8320DSC_8322DSC_8331DSC_8338Dad and Sean decided to go over to check out our gas to make sure that we weren’t going to get carbon monoxide poisoning. One of them had the great idea to use the cardboard box that the crib came in so that they wouldn’t be thigh high in the snow. It was humorous to watch them make the trek back and forth across the front yard.

UntitledUntitledDSC_8354Monday was much different. It was warmer out and I really didn’t mind being outside as much. Dad wanted to build a snow sculpture. Many ideas floated around but we landed on a bobsled for two. Instead of digging out the inside much of it was created by me stomping down the snow with my knees. It was very funny. Mom and Dad did a lot of the exterior shaping and Dad continued to clear our sidewalk for our contractors, who are working on the basement. UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledDSC_8360DSC_8362DSC_8368DSC_8370 copy

Monday night we ventured out to dinner since we hadn’t really left our house since Thursday night except for a short time on Friday. Afterwards, we goofed off and took some fun pictures.

Tuesday morning meant it was time for mom and dad to leave and me to continue staying home with snow days while Sean ventured out to work each day. (I don’t think I have been in anything but sweatpants all week. It’s been great!)

New Year’s Trip

Rewind a couple of weeks to New Year’s. After a couple of weeks of being at home with my family, it was off to Virginia to spend some time with Sean’s family for the New Year. We arrived on Monday afternoon and left the following Saturday.

Typically when we visit, there is a lot of snow. This year was so different. There was no snow and we barely needed a jacket when we went outside. I think there was only one day where it felt like we needed a winter coat. We also had to find different activities to do since we normally do snow related activities. We got to see another part of the resort that we don’t typically see.

My mother in law also spoiled me with a pedicure and massage while I was there so I had the privilege of spending a couple of days in the spa area. Even though I wasn’t allowed to do all of the offerings, it was still incredibly nice and completely relaxing.

Here is a lookbook of just a few of the pictures we took while there.


That is a gingerbread house! 


Who knew that workout clothes were so fashionable? Can you imagine?Untitled

Sean trying out the hoverboard!

Us on one of the walks we went on through the hills. It is a heck of a lot harder to walk hills with this extra weight I am carrying. LOL


Tea time!


Miniature golf.


28 weeks pregnant on New Year’s Eve.


Us before going to dinner.


Don’t worry I didn’t try ice skating. 


On a hike to see some of the waterfalls. Normally it is too icy to do this. 20160101_140649UntitledUntitled

Everyone on New Year’s Day in front of the Christmas Tree in the lobby. 20160101_21244720160101_21263620160101_212826

Baby Shower at Home

Baby Caff already has so many people that love him or her it isn’t funny. We ended a very emotional trip with a lovely shower thrown by a couple of aunts, cousins and my momma. I am not sure how they put it all together in the short time that they did but it turned out great and I am so thankful that I have such a supportive family. It was a great mix of people that I had the opportunity to see as well. I didn’t take any pictures at all which is a huge fail on my part. Even bigger fail was not taking a picture with my mom that day. So here are the few pictures that we did take.


Like I said we didn’t do a very good job of taking pictures that day. It was at the end of the trip for us and I was so overwhelmed with everything I just didn’t do it. Thank you to all of those that came to the shower. It was great to see so many people and we appreciate you all showering our little one. We can’t wait for Baby Caff to meet all of these lovely ladies a couple of months after he or she arrives.