Finally, I feel like we actually have the nursery complete.

I knew before we even got pregnant that I wanted to do the nursery in a nautical theme. I didn’t really care if it was a girl or a boy because I could always add splashes of pink if it is a girl. You have already seen a couple of posts about the inspiration board I made for the room. This gave me a good starting point with a few changes and progress was made. I’ve also talked about the quilt that I made for the room.

The one project I haven’t really talked about was the curtains. I decided that I wanted to make the curtains for the room, that way I got exactly what I wanted. I got extra luck and a blizzard came and my mom and I were trapped in our house. She was soooooo much help, I am not sure what I would have done without her help on this one. They turned out really nice and of course I forgot to take pictures of us making them.(Probably due to the number of times I walked from one room to another between sewing and ironing.)

So what did the room turn out looking like? Without further adieu …….


Only thing left is the rocking chair. The rocking chair will make its journey out east once Baby Caff decides to arrive. My mom and dad will be bringing it. It is an antique from my mom’s side of the family and we are looking forward to having it in the nursery when they get here!

Credits for the Nursery Project:
Quilt Pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew
Book Case from eBay
Prints on Wall from Etsy
Pattern I used for curtains
Tutorial I used for book bin

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