Holy cow I know this is soooo late! But I had it ready except for dropping in pictures. Better late than never.

You have been around for a quarter of the year now. This was a huge month for you and a lot happened but in true Guyon the Great style, you were super awesome and just rolled with what we threw your way. We sure love having you around and have found that you are going to be one awesome traveler.

How Big Are You?
We will find out at your 4 month appointment.

What’s Your Temperament?
– Laid back as ever. You don’t get upset about very much. When you do though you have a little cry that says “I’m not happy with you people.”
– You talk to us a lot more now and tell us all kinds of things.
– You have also found your thumb….unfortunately. You seem to only want it though when you are sleepy.
_ You are pretty alert when we keep you entertained or when there are lots of people around.
– This month we also found out that you are an awesome traveler.
What Are You Eating?
– You are still breastfed exclusively and rock the bottle when you are at the babysitters. You still eat like a champ too.
– You eat about every 3 to 4 hours. Sometimes when you haven’t been with mom though in the morning, you like to eat a little more frequently in the afternoon.
What Are you Sporting?
– You now wear 3-6 month and 6 month clothes.
– Your diapers had to be expanded a little bit too and when you wear disposable diapers, you wear number 2s.
– You have rocked a pair of sanuk looking shoes at the weddings. We will be trying out the boat shoes soon.
How Are You Sleeping?
– You are sleeping pretty regularly from 10 – 5, sometimes even 6. Mom and Dad are loving this so much.
– You nap at the babysitter’s in the morning and sometimes you will in the afternoon when you are home with mom but not always. Sometimes you like to catnap but not take long naps.
– We don’t swaddle you anymore and you just sleep in your pjs.
– You still sleep in your bed every night too. It’s pretty awesome.
– You even fall asleep in your bed most nights when we put you in your bed. You aren’t always asleep when we put you in your bed.
– You have also started spinning around in your bed. You have been found several times 90 degrees differently then when you were put in your bed.
Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
– Your thumb at night time.
– Your bear from Candace and Jason. Mr. Bear has had lots of cuddles since you received him.
– Swimming in the pool. Really any water in general.
– You really like arching your back and laying where you can see more around you.
– You don’t mind tummy time too much either, especially when mom and dad play with you.
– Being read to, especially Harry Potter at night time.

– When mom drinks cokes from a bottle. AKA terrible gas pains.
– Being hungry.

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– You spent your first whole weekend at the boat.
– You swam in a pool for the first time.
– You had your first playdate with Stella and Teddy.
– You went to Black Eyed Susan Day.
– Uncle Sam came to visit you.
– You visited the Conowingo Dam for the first time with Uncle Sam, Mom and Dad. You saw some bald eagles while you were there.
– You started going to a babysitter each day while mom and dad are at work.
– We finished reading the first Harry Potter book.
– You went to Virginia Beach for a wedding and also got to go on the beach and in the ocean for the first time. You also met a lot of your daddy’s family while we were there. You also had your first trip to a museum while in Virginia Beach since the wedding was at the Military Aviation Museum.
– You went to the beach for the first time and put your feet in the ocean too.
– You went to Connecticut for a wedding. You met more of Daddy’s family at this wedding and were treated like a celebrity. Everyone wanted a picture of you and to hold you.
– I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when you threw your leg over the side of your bouncer, just like your great grandfather would have done. He always did this in his rocking chair.
– You got a new friend from Candace and Jason. His name right now is Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear goes a lot of places with you and sometimes tries to block your thumb from going in your mouth.
Where I am with you…

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