So I did this project a while back and just have not posted the pictures. This blanket was for a girl at work that just had her baby. They did his room in Mickey, specifically Sorcerer Mickey. I wanted to come up with a cool way of making a blanket that I hadn’t see before and this is what I came up with and it worked.

She might have cried when I gave it to her. DSC_0025 DSC_0027Next up is starting on a gift for Guyon for Christmas. This one is going to take some time so I better start on it now or it may not get finished. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

Following our crab feast, the next day we gathered for Mass to have Guyon baptized into the church. Sean and I were both super excited to have this done and were glad to have all of the family in town to celebrate this momentous occasion with us. We were also very lucky to have my brother and my best friend say yes to being his god parents. We couldn’t ask for better role models for Guyon. They truly will be part of his life forever not just as an uncle or a friend but much more.

Guyon was so good during mass and during his baptism. He let the priest hold him and dump the water over his head. I couldn’t believe it, we didn’t hear a peep out of him.


At the end of Mass, the priest did something I had never seen done before. He called Guyon to bring his daddy up to the front of the church. The priest then asked for the great grandfathers to join them, which my grandfather happen to be in town and was able to stand up there with Guyon and Sean. Next up he called the grandfathers, then the fathers and then the step, god and any other father figures up to the front of church to be blessed for Father’s Day. It was one of the coolest moments I have ever experienced and for my son to be up there with his daddy on his first Father’s day meant that much more. It was awesome! I still get cold chills thinking about it because it was just that cool!


Then it was back to our house for brunch, which included a waffle bar! It was a wonderful day!

We kicked off Baptism weekend with a little traditional summertime get together that included a bushel of crabs. All of my out of town family and Sean’s immediate family came to hang out on the back patio, eat some crabs, drink some beer, and enjoy the time together.

First time meeting some of the family members too.

I was so excited to post about going home to Indiana, I have completely neglected some other great photos taken in the last month.

June was a super busy month for us. We started the month out with a couple of weddings. One in VA Beach and one in Connecticut. Both visits included lots of time with Sean’s family. It was great to introduce our little man to more of the family.

Let’s start with the one in VA Beach. First of all, we had our little man in the sand and in the water for the first time! He was a little sleepy at the time so I couldn’t really tell how interested he was in the water but he didn’t scream so that was good.


On Saturday before the wedding we visited with several members of Sean’s family and enjoyed time with them.

Then it was off to the wedding at the War Aviation Museum just south of VA Beach. It was a very interesting but beautiful wedding and we had the opportunity to walk around and look at the planes before and during the wedding. Unfortunately it was a little on the early side when we left just due to the little man starting to get tired.

This last one was as we were getting ready to leave on Sunday.

The following weekend it was off to Connecticut for a family wedding. This one was beautiful and outdoors at the family’s’ home. I didn’t take quite as many pictures at this one but no worries because the wedding photographer couldn’t get enough of our little man. I’m hoping that we will get a couple from the bride and groom but also completely understand if we don’t!
And apparently I didn’t take a family photo at this wedding! oops!

Next up in June, as we do a look back, was Guyon’s baptism!

4th of July has become a time when I take a trip home each year. I’ve come to enjoy the time and it gives me a chance to see a lot of family and friends that I don’t always get to see at the holidays. This year the trip home was extra special as I had a new family member to introduce to the gang. I think that through this collection of photos, you will quickly see how much love and laughter this little one was graced with over the 10 days that we visited. Even though there were times when naps just weren’t meant to be and sleeping and eating were all off, it was worth every second of the trip. Have a peak into our trip.

But first a photo from our first airplane ride!

Mr. Bear even made the trip!
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