Guyon’s daycare hosted a Trunk or Treat on Friday, a week ago. We were super excited about it since this is his 1st Halloween and also because Sean hasn’t ever really handed out candy before. His mom and dad’s house never had Trick or Treaters so it was fun for everyone.

We decorated the truck like a train with a smoke stack and tracks under the tires and a cross hatch sign but completely forgot to take pictures of the truck. Our little Engineer was pretty cute though!

DSC_2733 copyDSC_2737 copyDSC_27381DSC_2739 copyDSC_2766 copyDSC_2773 copyDSC_2774 copy

Happy Halloween!

A couple of weekends ago, Fleet Week was held and there were lots of boats and planes in town. We didn’t make it down to the Inner Harbor to see the boats but we did make it to the airport to see some of the planes take off on Saturday. The airshow was over the city so we couldn’t see a lot of the actually show but we did get to see the Skywriters land and the Blue Angels take off. It was pretty cool!
DSC_2777 copyDSC_2781 copyDSC_2782 copyDSC_2785 copyDSC_2789 copy

On Sunday, we ventured out to pick some apples at one of the local farms. They have an area that is family friendly with lots of activities for kids. We walked through and did a corn maze, watched the goats, and played on the bouncy cow. Then it was off to pick apples. It was a great time!
DSC_2792 copyDSC_2798 copyDSC_2803 copyDSC_2822 copyDSC_2825 copyDSC_2833 copyDSC_2846 copyDSC_2849 copyDSC_2857 copyDSC_2876 copyDSC_2896 copy

Oh my! Time has slipped away on this one. Finally, here is the 7 month update which will be closely followed by 8 months in just a few short weeks.
DSC_2403 copy DSC_2412 copyDSC_2429 copyDSC_2478 copyDSC_2506 copyUncle Sam calls this one the “Hey, ladies” pose!
DSC_2540 copyDSC_2608 copyHey, look you can see 2 of my teeth.
DSC_2650 copy
DSC_2678 copy

How Big Are You?
Since we don’t see the doctor for this until you are 9 months old, we are guessing you are around 21 pounds. Not exactly sure how long but we will have to get the tape measure out next month and see if we can figure it out.

What’s Your Temperament?
You are really starting to show us more of your personality these days. You start rubbing the eyes and getting fussy when you are tired. You whine when you want to be moved around or are bored playing with certain toys. When we take you out though, you go with the flow and observe what is going on around you. You still are pretty chill over all though.

What Are You Eating?
– Pumpkin, pears, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes
– Tried eating off of your tray for the first time in your high chair. – September 19th

What Are you Sporting?
9-12 month clothing. 9 months when you are in paper diapers and 12 month when you wear your cloth diapers. 12 month pjs.

How Are You Sleeping?
This month was so rough. Between teething and your ear infections you were up at least once a night most nights and sometimes twice a night. Towards the end of the month though you were finally getting back into sleeping better.

Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
-Mr. Quackers at bath time.
– Daddy’s different voices for characters
_ Visits with your grandparents
– Naptime with mommy in the afternoons
– Bouncing in the bouncer at daycare.
– Sophie the Giraffe.

– Teething
– Ear infections and taking medicine

DSC_2338 copy

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– Cut 2 more teeth. – September 22nd
– Celebrated Pirate Week at Daycare
– Had ear infection in both ears.
– Celebrated mommy’s birthday
– Picture day at daycare – No, we didn’t order the pictures because you didn’t smile and they didn’t really look like the Mr. Smiley Guyon that we know.
-Wore an outfit of daddy’s from when he was little.
DSC_2161 copy
– Grandma and Grandpa visited. (October 5th – 9th)
DSC_2381 copyIMG_9220
– Fell asleep in high chair for the first time.
DSC_2397 copy
– Daddy and Guyon read “The Little Prince”
DSC_2317 copy

Where I am with you…
DSC_2713 copy
DSC_2387 copy

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