Guyon – 11 months

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How Big Are You?
I am not sure how long you are currently but you did weigh 22lbs 14.5 oz when we were at the doctor’s office last week.

What’s Your Temperament?
You are still a happy chill dude. You will cry when you are really frustrated or when you are really hurting but not much more than that. As sick as you have been over the last month, you are still really happy. You did cry one morning when I dropped you off at daycare but you haven’t done it too many more times. You will sometimes freak out and cry when you see us come to pick you up. I think you are pretty attached to us, kid!

What Are You Eating?
What don’t you eat is more of the question. Actually, the girls at daycare would say you don’t eat your bottle. You will only let Ms. Courtney feed you from a bottle and that is on a good day.

A normal day consists of….
Feed from mommy when you wake up.
8am – Cereal and cheerios
10am – Bottle
Noon – Lunch time
2pm – 3pm – Bottle and small snack
5pm – Dinner
7pm – Feed from mommy and bedtime

What Are you Sporting?
2 days before you turned 11 months old, you decided to completely pop out of your 12 month clothes. For real, overnight they didn’t fit. It was very different than the way that you grew out of your other clothes.
You do still fit into your 12 month sleepers but that won’t be for very long.

How Are You Sleeping?
GREAT! You go to bed most nights on your own now and sleep until about 5 or 6am. It works great during the week, we just wish we could get a little bit more on the weekends! (Mommy and Daddy are being greedy with those thoughts.) You still take at least 2 naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sometimes they are 45 minutes and other times they are a couple of hours long.

Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
– Meat
– Destroying the towers or train layouts we build for you
– Walking around
– Crawling all over the house to see Frosty and the front door
– Plastic containers
Untitled – Opening all of the cabinets
Untitled – The shoe game
DSC_5813 copy Dislikes
– Ear Infections
– Taking medicines
– Teething

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– Ear Infection #5 – medication was not one that agreed with you little dude
– Visited an ENT but no go for tubes
– Playing trains with daddy
Untitled Untitled – Week 2 & 3 without Daddy
Untitled – Ear Infection #6 – 2 weeks of medicine this round and off to see a different ENT soon
– Lots of weekends at home, just the 3 of us.
– Started incorporating cow’s milk into your bottles on the 11th.
Untitled – Wacky Mismatch day at daycare
Untitled – Lots of smiles at daycare
Untitled Untitled – Wearing your robe
Untitled – A 2 hour delay where we had a little bit of snow but not too much!

Where I am with you…

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