Labor Day Dinner

Monday we decided to have Sean’s parents over for dinner. This was really one of the first times that i had the opportunity to cook for his family. It was a lot of fun for planning this dinner and I also got to use a lot of my new kitchen tools.

So what did I fix? Well after I thought about it for a bit I realized that I was using a lot of the fresh food that we got from the farm. Only the hamburgers and the pesto that I used in one of the dishes were not homemade.


Appetizers included……

Pesto and Ricotta cheese served with crackers.


Talk about an easy dish to make. Literally a spoon of pesto and a spoon of ricotta cheese. Yep that easy.

Homemade Hummus

This one was a little bit more complicated. I made this with edamame beans from the farm. I seasoned it with garlic powder and a little bit of cayenne pepper.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese and Apple slices

Crab Pretzel

Oops I forgot about this one. I didn’t actually make this one either. We bought this at Wegman’s. Sean and I stared at the guy making these while we were in the store and Sean insisted that we get one.


Sliced tomatoes, mozzerlla, and fresh basil with a little bit of oil drizzled over them.

Corn and tomato salad.

This one I actually got to play with my new corn zipper which was a lot of fun but a little messy. But I think anytime you take corn off of the cob I think it is going to be messy. This salad turned out very good.

Side dish………

Zucchini, Squash and Eggplant.

This was fixed in the oven. I added parmesan and a little bit of garlic!


Cantaloupe Sorbet

So I’ve had so much cantaloupe this summer that I didn’t know what to do with it all. I decided I was going to try to make sorbet with it and see how it turned out. Awesome is how it turned out! I put the cantaloupe in the blender and added some simple syrup to the cantaloupe. Super easy.

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