Football Dinner

A couple of weeks ago Sean and I went to New Jersey and saw a couple of his cousins. One of his cousin-in-laws is a big NFL fan as well and he mentioned that each Sunday when it is game time him and his dad fix food that has to do with the opponent for the week. So each week you always have something new to fix.

After hearing this Sean thought it would be fun for us to start trying to do something like this. I had no problem with it because I always have a hard time thinking about what I want to fix for dinner on the weekends. Since Sean and I follow different teams, the agreement that we have reached is that we will fix food for the Raven’s games and when they have a bye week we will pick between the Colts or the Saints opponents.

So for our first attempt at this, of course, the Ravens did not actually play on Sunday but on Thursday. I wasn’t thinking enough to fix this on Thursday night so I did it on Sunday anyways. The Ravens played the Browns this week. When I first looked at this I was not really sure what I was going to fix.

After a little bit of research apparently there are a few Polish neighborhoods in Cleveland and Polish Sausage is served in many places within the city.

The side with this had nothing to do with polish food but everything about I had potatoes that needed to be used. So the side was my great grandmother’s recipe for German Potato Salad (which I might add was very good for my first time trying to make this).


Football Dinner 2
Football Dinner 1

Next up is the Chiefs…..Get ready for some BBQ.

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