Christmas Traditions {Part 3}

Normally around the holidays my family bakes A LOT! We take cookies and fudge and candy to literally every event we go to and still have some left over. This year since I knew it was going to be just Sean and I, I wasn’t sure how much I actually wanted to make, especially since neither one of us has really been eating sweet stuff. I finally decided (on a whim) that I was going to make a couple of things. Here is what I decided to make and the recipes to go along with them.


First was the Red Velvet Cake Truffles. These looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to make these. I know I have a little bit of my mom’s love for Red Velvet Cake in me!

These turned out to be super easy to make and they are delicious but rich. I can only eat one of these at a time.

The recipe for these can be found here.

Next came the Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies. I found this on Pinterest and then a good friend of mine told me she had made them and they were awesome. If her kids loved them I knew I would too. Talk about super sweet and a lot going on at one time though.

These also turned out to be super easy and here is the recipe. I will say though that I did cheat and I used a mix for the Chocolate Chip cookies instead of making those homemade. They still turned out awesome though.

Last but not least, I made Inside out Carrot Cake Muffins. These muffins turned out really good but not quite as good as a good family friend’s Carrot Cake. She makes the best ever and this wasn’t quite as good but still good.

The only thing I would do next time would be to make the muffins a little bit smaller and more of the cream in the middle. Some of the cream gushed out and didn’t stay in the middle so it soaked into the muffin a little more than what I would have liked.  I also found this on Pinterest and here is where you can find the recipe.


We have enjoyed all three and I have given away some of the treats, others have enjoyed them as well. We still have a lot leftover though!


Happy baking and Happy Holidays!



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