Football Dinner – Houston Texans


So we stayed in Texas this week and I wanted to come up with something different to have. We have mexican all the time so I wanted something we don’t normally have. ┬áSo this week I fixed Taco Cupcakes.

We got the recipe from here.

Um these were definite  keepers. It made like 22 cupcakes so we have plenty leftovers for this week. We topped them with lettuce, onion, sour cream, salsa, and chipotle sauce. I am pretty sure you could put your favorite taco toppings on this and I also think you could use chicken instead of beef as well.

Oh and we used pyhllo dough instead of wonton wrappers. Only because I didn’t have any wonton wrappers.

So Baltimore has a bye week, so our choices are Denver or Tennessee. We can’t decide quite yet.

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