Wreath for Christmas Cards {DIY}

Yesterday we received our first Christmas card from a family at home that I had become extremely close to over the last three years. It meant a lot to me to get this card in the mail. I miss the kids like crazy (especially since it is basketball season). As I was looking at the card and trying to decide what I wanted to do with the card, I googled a couple of ideas and decided that I was going to make something to hang all of the cards.

I went to Michaels and JoAnns to get the supplies and created this.

It didn’t take much and it looks great (just a little empty). I used a embroidery circle, clothes pins, a hot glue gun and some ribbon. Yep that is it. The clothes pins go the opposite way as you work your way around the circle. So as more cards arrive the wreath will become more full looking. The only thing that I think I might do to it after the Christmas season is paint it white. I think that I would like it just a little bit better if it was white and not wood.

I think that the hardest part of making this wreath was the bow. I have never been able to do bows very well but this one turned out pretty well.

Super easy! Try it if it fits in your house!

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