January Projects

January has been a month full of lots of indoor time at home. We both have been completely fine with that. First you can see what I have been up to and maybe later this week I will get around to posting pictures of the railroad and all of the improvements that have been made recently.

As for the what has come out of the office/ craft room this month, here ya go!

At school I was given a whole bag full of corks that couldn’t be used so I started off by making a cork board for the office wall. I love it! It turned out better then what I thought it was going to. Sean was nice enough to hang it on the wall for me.


The next project was one that I had found on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try it out. More and more patterns are showing up for felt food and it is a very creative thing for a child to have during development years. Even though we are a long ways off from having kids, this was a fun project and I am sure I will appreciate having it later on for a kiddo someday! I made an array of food, an apron, a burlap bag for storing, some tablecloths from scraps I had left over and some cloth napkins.

Pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms.DSCN4222

Chips in bag, Tortilla chips in bag, slices of bread, pancakes, slice of meat, quesadilla, eggs, sushi, ravioli, strips of bacon, poptart, toaster strudel, tea bags and much more that isn’t pictured. Patterns on my Pinterest Board.


I also found both of these patterns on Pinterst and decided to see how hard it would be. So easy. Some of my friends are starting to have kids so they may see some of these come their way someday. I think I like the tie better then I like the bowtie but it is still really cute!

I also made a few more burp cloths for a family friend who is pregnant and I will be going to her shower in March. They don’t know the gender of the baby and I figured the animal prints would be a safe bet!
DSCN4216I was getting tired of the boring black leather business card holder I had in my purse. I absolutely love this print and had a small scrap that I knew would work perfect for this. It turned out so cute that I decided to make new business cards as well.

Every morning at work I would use two cups so that I didn’t burn my hand. I came home one night and of course went to Pinterest to see what I could find. I found a very simple pattern and I had some fabric that I was pretty sure would look cute as a cup cozy. I am really glad that I took the time to make this too because I have saved a lot of extra cups and surprisingly I have gotten a lot of compliments on it as well as asking where I got it. Here is where I found the pattern.
DSCN4213This was another project to make my feel as ease. I have moments when I have put my keys in my purse but when I walk out of a store or get ready to go home from work, I feel as though I have lost my keys because I can’t find them in my purse. I found this pattern also on Pinterest and it makes it so much easier to find my keys in my purse it isn’t even funny. This was a super easy project and absolutely worth it!

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