I know everyone is just antsy to know what I fixed for Super Bowl. Since it was such a big game in our house and we just had New Orleans food the other day with the jumbayala, I decided to make things in the shape of a bowl. I had found the idea and these recipes in my Jan/Feb issue of Rachael Ray Magazine.

They turned out awesome! We really enjoyed all of the different food! We started the afternoon off with the anitpasta bites, followed by the Garlice bread bowl with the spicy pizza dip and we finished the night up with the chocolate peanut butter bowl.


Antipasta bowls


Garlic Bread Bowl with Spicy Pizza Dip


Chocolate Peanut Butter Bowl



All of the recipes were very easy to fix and of the three I am pretty sure that I will fix the pizza dip and the chocolate peanut butter bowl again. The antipasta bites were very good just would have been better with bigger slices of salami.

As for the game it is a little intense in the house tonight for the mister. I on the other hand have been doing lots of other things while the game has been on, including eating more of the chocolate peanut butter bowl.

Happy Super Bowl!

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