Dinner according to Rachael Ray and the realization of a shrimp allergy

A couple of weeks ago after receiving the Rachael Ray Magazine in the mail, I decided that I was going to try to make a few of the recipes. I always enjoy getting this magazine but don’t always fix very many of the recipes. This time I decided I was going to try a lot of the recipes.

First up was the Tex-Mex Burger with Chipotle Ketchup. I only did part of the recipe though because after looking at the recipe the mister would not have been able to handle the spice in the burger. I did fix the Chipotle Ketchup and it was awesome. We really enjoyed it and I have to say homemade ketchup is pretty awesome. I might try to do that a little more often.  (I even plan on using the leftover ketchup for meatloaf soon!)

Next up on the list was the Grilled Shrimp Burrito Bowl. This recipe was easy and awesome. Fresh ingredients and oh so yummy. This was also the last go with shrimp before we found out that mister Sean is allergic to shrimp. He thought this was a good way to go out though! You can’t see in this picture but there is cilantro lime rice on the bottom, topped with grilled peppers and red onion and shrimp and then guacamole. The shrimp was sprinkled with chili powder and gave it just enough spice. This one was a keeper but we obviously will have to fix with chicken or steak the next time we fix it due to the shrimp allergy.



Next up on the menu was Pan-Seared Ravioli with Peas, Bacon and Mint. Pasta in our house always goes over well. I knew that this would go over very well in our house considering the combination of bacon and ravioli. I have to say that this was definitely one of my favorites from this month’s magazine. It had so much flavor and a combination that I would not have necessarily tried if it had not been for this recipe.


So this one I was slightly skeptical about but it didn’t turn out too bad. This one was Reuben-Stuffed Potatoes. Instead of slicing the potatoes in half and putting the toppings on it, I mashed the potatoes and made it more of a casserole then a topper. We both liked it but it wasn’t something that I would make again probably.


This one was Mushroom and Shrimp Noodle Bowls. Well for one of us it was. The other not so much since he is now allergic to shrimp. I cooked the shrimp separate so that I could have it was all veggies for Sean. It was a very good dish and we will probably make this one again. I liked the noodles having more of an asian flare then the normal italian that we have. DSCN4253


Overall we had some great meals. We really enjoyed making these and we might have to try this again with another magazine. It always gives me something new to make. It all worked out pretty well and nothing called for any crazy ingredients that I didn’t already have.

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