Thai It Chicken Noodles

Dinner tonight was pretty much a mystery to me for most of the day. After a weekend of being at the boat, I don’t normally plan too much after we come back because we don’t normally feel like fixing much. Today was very different, we actually got back very early this morning, so dinner was something we needed to do today!

After looking though my new Rachael Ray Magazine, I found a recipe that sounded really good to me. I did realize that this recipe had jalopenos in it and Sean may not like it.

Boy was I wrong! This dish had a lot of fresh ingredients and was AWESOME! We both felt like our mouth was on fire but it was soooo good. Sean had two helpings! (That is how I know that he really likes something!)

Thai It Chicken Noodles with lettuce, chiles, and basil

I had no idea how this dish would turn out but it is a definite keeper!



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