Recipes from the Farm – Lettuce and Spinach

Spring time and the CSA means a lot of green veggies and strawberries. A couple of the veggies that we receive a lot of is spinach and lettuce. Finding different things that we can do with both of these is hard especially since Sean isn’t always into eating salads all the time. Finding creative ways to fix both of these can be difficult but I ¬†feel like we are succeeding so far this spring in not having to get rid of anything that has spoiled. So what have we fixed?

One of the dishes we have fixed with the lettuce and the strawberries is a salad that I used to have all the time when I worked for the catering company.

The salad includes lettuce, strawberries, feta cheese, and almonds with a secret homemade poppyseed dressing (sorry you don’t get this recipe, its secret!). This salad was also topped with leftover steak from the night before! (Sorry for the photo quality as I had to take these pictures on my phone.)


This salad to me is always one of my favorites and I will continue eating tons of this each spring!

The second dish that I fixed was one I made up on my car ride home one night. This one uses the large amounts of spinach that we got from the CSA. I made some noodles, sauteed the spinach with some green onions from the farm as well with some green and red peppers, added some shrimp (only in mine) and topped with a little bit of parmesan cheese!


This pasta turned out very good. I thought it had a good amount of spice to it but not too much. I really like having dishes that are full of fresh veggies!


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